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•■:. ■ ■ ■ ! - ■ 

Offidal Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committel KnigMs of Pythias N. A., S.A., E.,A.,rC& A 

Wyt St Conis 2UT0US 

VOL. VI. NO. 16 

ST. LOUIS. MO.. FRIDAY. JULY 27, 1917. 



An Appeal By Business Men To Secre- 
tary Baker Brings Desired Results. 
Plants Operating With Full Force. 
Leading Citizens Say Place Is Safe 
But Employees Are Doubtful. - » 

Last week when it iu learned the 
tfaops would be withdrawn from East 
Stf. Louis July 25, to jp muttered Into 

the regular army, it caused quite 
deal of unrest among the whits ■> well 
. aa the Colored people of that city. As 
a remit quit* a Dumber of Colored peli- 
plf moved their t amiliea away in antici- 
pation of another outbreak. . 

The business men, besoming alarmed 
at the seriousness of the situation, im- 
mediately aent a committee to Spring- 
field 10 consult Ajt. General Diekcraon; 
also to Chicago to consult Major Gen. 
Barry, commanding the Central Army 
Division,, and to Secretary of war 
linker, requesting that the companies 
be permitted to remain. 

The members of. the committee wired 
the heads of the Anns Saturday that 
their request had been granted and to 
give every assurance to their Hegroani- 
ployeei that they would be amply pro- 
tected and slao give the mattei" the 
widest possible publicity.. 

This teemed to have as ■ tendency to 
quiet thing* down and the plant's have 
been working full 'force during' the past 


After making several trips to the 
Side and thoroughly investigating th? 
riot and tin- conditions that led up to 
it, an Argus reporter finds, according 
to' the best information' obtainable, 
that it wo* a "hired"' mob, backed by 
the Police and City Official*, and that 
the labor unions saw their plana to tie 
up the big commercial industries would 
be fulile unless they suceeded in dis 
pensing with the Negro labor. Then 
is also an idea prevalent among the 
manufacturers that German Influences 
have been conspicuous around 
plants contributing to the necessities of 

Bev. De Shields, pastor St. Paid Bap. 
list Church of E»jt St. L&uia, advised 
the pcople.'in a sermon last Sunday, to 
return to their homes as he had re- 
ceived every assurance thst they would 
be protected and those who had lost 
property, such as clothing and furni- 
ture, replenished free.- 

This opinion voices, the sentiment of 
all the leading citizens, but the. labor- 
ing classes are incline. I'm doubt, and 
are alow about returning. 



Moving pictures of the scene*. in. the 
Eut St. Louis Riot will he shown at 
the Booker Washington Theatre this 
Saturday night July 28. The picture* 
are authentic and are jvorth going mils* 
to see. They will be with other pictures 
and vaudeville Saturday night only. . 


Total Amount Donated to Dale It 
1717.40. spent on 
Immediate Relief Work 

The activities of the St. Louis-Branch 
of the National Association for tb* Ad- 
vancements 'of Colored people are pro- 
ceeding with unabated vigor. It ii 
generally conceded that little- or noth 
ing is to be .expected from the Easl 
EH. Louis authorities in she way of 
booaflde prosecution* .of the rioters. 
Therefore the burden falls upon us. 
The militant character of this organi 
nation will not allow if'to remain pais 
-!■■- is the., face of so great a respon 

All yua who value your liberty and 
Cherish the aspirations of the'fre* bom 
moat lead row moral and ft anuria) sup- 
port to the organisation that will 'not 
keep silence, in the pruaace of ruthl 
assault upoa the Uvea and property of 
it* people, and that will laaro -no atone 
aaturaed to bring the. guilty rioter* to 

.'justice to the end that it may -establish 
Without challenge tk* right of Colorod 
■tea to older their lire* after Use aaaa- 
ur of the highest type, of fro*- aid 
law-abiding eltiaena. 

Every man." every woau,n, every ekild 
of oolor i* Vitally, concerned in the Je- 
gaf iavsstigadioa and punishment of the 
East St. Lauia rioter.. Therefor* with- 
out delay ewatribato your part of the 
two thousand deuasrs needed by the N. 
A. A. C. P. to da this work. 

Tto commit (m on finance submits the 
following report of receipts to data for 
Ike East -jit. Loans Refuge. Relief 

.*•■* '■> 

Aasswat pttiioualy reported. .": .S507.6S 
Martha Graeai**; ...:.;'. .C". 10.00 

.»■ T Ma«.fi>H iisei. No, t K. 

'. a* p jwft.™; io:»o 

WayiaaA A. It &■ Chare* . . . ~ \Sb 
A M £ Chauwk, Palatvra. Mo . KM 
Buss. CottOM Crab. 8*. Jaatee 

». If ■. Cawawrh ............ KM 

Cases Mesa«rUl. at E. '-"hares.. «.» 
P.*™. JJL, Ire- Dr. J. A. Cotton. 101-TS 

Dr. Charie* E. Herriot, .*- physician 
-silt, office* at 4300 North Market (treat, 
has been appointed a captain in tha 
Medical Officers ' Reserve Corps, Hailed 
State* Array He is awaitLag order* to 
proceed to the training ejihip under di 
recti™ of the Medics! Departments * 




Twelve Of the Missouri men who hive 
been in training at the Port Dos 
Moines. Iowa, Officflrs^amp, returned 
to their- homes during the past week. 
. Failing to pass ike rigid .examinations 
was the cause;. These examinations, of 
course, are tests of the physical as well 
aa mental ability of the student*. 
. Tun*} wbo returned, were: Edward 
I.ias/'Wm'. H. Banks; Jas. A. Williamson 
and W. H. Owou* of St. Louis; Alvin 
Jordan. Edward 8. Baker. Jr., Prof. J. 
M. Hortob. |>r. J. ■ Franh'lin • Wileon, 
'Attorney Booker and J. F. Bradley Jr. 
of Kansas City: Virgil J. Schtrelek- of 
Boonville: and Dr. J. C. Tymony of Co- 

'Returning candidates seen by 
Argus -reporter- say they .have 
"kick" coming. The worh is bard and 
strenuous and naturally some have to 
fail. - • 

The, process of elimination is now in 
full. force after six, weeta' training. Ex 
amihntions are held every Monday and 
many will drop out between, new and 
September. . 


. Excellent Opportunity for Colored 

Ho: On* Win bo 

Saturday July 28 Is registration for 
Council of Defense and signing of the 
Hoover PUeuge by all femkleo over 15 
years: Tie women of the E3rd Ward 
are endeavoring to have tho pledge of 
every' woman in the Ward. Mrs. Nel- 
lie -Agee, Registrar; Meadnmes Staf 
ford, Major, Holtman and Misses E. 
Parhct, P, Stevens, a Tyler. S. Gossin, 
I. Dixon, Iff. Miller, assistants. J. Gor 
don, L. Cumining* and M. Curtis are 
making a house to house canvass ' 
the auspices of the Food Conservation 
Committee. ' - 

.T-We folt'iu 1:1:; Registrar, and thciras- 
sistants hi other wards arc working 
just a* earnest! v to enlist the women: 

flth Ward— "Mrs. H. A. -Smith. Regis- 
trar; Mrs. .I»«r Morehcod. Mrs. I.indell 
Joncfl, Mrs. C. Bryant, Mrs. E. llcv 
nolds, Mtsspi- .Mildred Mills. Fannie 
Foater, Arvells Tvler. Dorothy Pavne, 
Agno* Todd. 

12th M'ard— Mr.-. M v Atilhnny. Beg- 
islrar, M^sdamef. Casey, P. Harden. C. 
James. Misses M. Tavlor, T, Marshall. 

Ifith Ward— Mrs. M. I,.- I.iggins; 
Reuislrar. Miss Bcrnice Bailey, Mrs. 
Polly Jordan, Miss Ada Jonpj. , 

l"th Ward.— Mrs. J. W. Myers. Regis., 
trnr. Mendame* B. L. Saiindcrs, H. 
Davis. J. II. Hammond. Ernest Pniillo; 
F. Moore. R. Scotl, Mi...-, M. Barret 
and O.. Taylor. 

IHth Ward— Miss V? B. Belcher, 
Registrar. Mm..*'. O. Blount. Misses M. 
Butacs*. It, J 1 -i r v i ~ . I. Hedgemon, Hall, 
C. Eaton, C. Johnson. 

S2nd Ward— Mrs; F. . E. Peek, Regis- 
trar, Mesdamcs I.. Quinn. Ram Smith, 
s. Humphrey. A. McClcnnevI N. E. 
Stewsrt. A. F. Wonder, J. s'. Jarkaon, 
W. V, Smith, F. A. Carter. V. Pruitt, 
H, E, Smith, Miss M. Stewart. 

The abovf sre workers 'on tho food 
oonservation. , They have boen getting 
pledge* from the women who »re wil- 
ling tp cirry ont the directions and ad- 
vice of Ibe Fond Adminietrator in the 
conduct of thetr household. The ob- 
ject is to prevent the wssting nf food. 
Mrs. H. A. Smith rcgiMrar o( the flth 
ward, reporter! 1.000 plodaes. Tharsdsy 


Ore* Two Hundred Fifty Thousand 

Dollars for Building and Equlp- 
. mast. Hew. Enterprise Located 

OS at, Ferdinand tod 


A. -ilia! 

He* st or; 
"Fnro B 

rk has begun 00 the m 
lory building to ' bo known 
Building." According to t 
plan, it will cafry not only offices a 
atores.but will have the sotting of 
tbtatre building or hotel. Alide rrom 
the main building, a place will be ncc 
•saury to lake care of the targe and 
growing, business of Poro College. Tb< 
model roof garden with its display ol 
Blortric lights, will give quite a stimu 
lul to business generally of the neigh 
borhood. • . - 




names of the registrar* for regis 
1 dnv; Ssturday. under Ihe aus 
nf Ihe Council nf National Dm 





'■: hc-t'olsrc-i PlaVgrounJ. of the city 
ara slowly iaereaatag. Tk* opening of 
ta« Dnsoas Ground mad* two appertain 
matata necessary. Fin. St.. tho oldeat 
Oreud baa. Mr. Oerald Tyler a* 'di- 
netor aad Misses Hsltie Lewi* and 
BarU ManhsJl, unitut*. Keuerly 
O round, Mr A. J. Sossia, director: 
Ml assj i Helao McWa orM r aad Jeanie 
Mack, assistants. Dnnsau QTOuad,."MT. 
Elmer BurgBH, diraetar; lira. Nellie 
Aga* aad Mi** Falicia Stevens, asais- 


Ttlegru 1 

Mra Kiag for coal for Mr*. 

J A K. Fir him for , 

■HLoliii Isswla 

^ A. K. Fio4lia"f*v graaerw* f« 

Bottia Taug ...„..; . ,' 

I . Total tldtUf 

*5^» H. C*, Clnairaama: 

atwtwasm, BM.TraM 
». tur ■ , ■ 

Militii-nlinn, The women are naked't 
to the reinilnr precinct rmlline place* 
Satiinlnv, hetyepn "S n. ni.,tind t p.. in 
lind register' .w-illinsnes:* to !di 
'!"«• kind of sefsder if neoded. 

This rsiristrstinn Anrt not eompel afii 
service, hut merelv- suls in c!assifvin~ 
th» women according In their ahilitv S : 
desfres. 1 


There are a thousand . war*, in which 
wnme.n eaij be employed after the men 
have been taken from thejr positions 
Women wbo rooster Saturday will prsc 
tically be making applications for posi 
lions they desire. The government wil' 
.know juat what they are capable of do 
ing -and »-ho to appoint to certain du 
ties without, Ihe' loss of time. Of course 
many who can afford will volunteer 
their service, but the opportunity ii 
e-peeially bright fnr"tho»e seeking em 
ploymeot. Ercry women should regis 

"i!:iri 1 

C. M. E. Church 
at Detroit Mich 

-The a M. E. Church mecsiiers who 
have, moved here from otW cities 
hailed with delight the coming of Bishop 
R. A. Carter of Atlanta, 6a. and Edi- 1 
tor J. Arthmr Hamlet of Jackaan. Tenn., 
last week! They perfeetod "> organi- 
aalioa and phrehased a beantifhl brick 
church snd personajte from The Evan 
gelical Association, ft is * niagnirl' 
cent ediltee and the property Is worth 

Editor J. Arthur. Haatlet conducted 
the first service* in the church Snjdsy 
and p received a targe nomocr. of mem- 
ber* into the church. The church i* 
anxious that the Bishop* Council be held 
here ia October. 

The legal aishs of transferring this 
property eras ably looked after by At- 
torney O. H. Motley of that ttty. . Mr. 
Murder, ia formerly of Topeka, aUasa*. 
aad is arakiag gavd la Jd>. BnfBsaioo 

ii ia to notify >h* paUae tbat I 
bob ■*' li ng e r treasurer for tka> East 
- Israua Eefagt* Faad. Aarua E. Ma- 
le. P*ro College, 31M Mae, fit. 

•Viatiag. Ha- I* taw amaU .to r* 
<*ir* awr aaiwAat' 
Prtat, tMl Market 31. 

The Board of Managers at the 
Folk* Home desire* to thank 
many friends for their hearty support 
and- preoence .at Ihe annual ou 

S" ne 10. ' ' 

ericas Knights ( 

Excelsior Lodge Xo. 3 K. of P.. 

St. "J a 111 en Church 

Paul A. M. E. Church 

made Baptist Church.....-' 

Riee Lodge No. 272. 

ha Court No. SB ■ 


Col-Shaw Relief Corps........ 

Married Lidiea' Charity Club..' 

Adah Star'O.'E. 8. Xo". 1! 

Oltn-iird CoinmnndcTy Xo, 2.... 

Bpar Court. 10" H. of J..... ... 

Elir-ahclh Temple No. 72 S. M. T. 

Terrier Court Club 

Stewardess and Deeooess Coun- 
cil ; .' 

Urties' Aniii»ry B. O. O. P. P. . 
Erie'Conrt No. 1 O..O. C..., ... , 
T. W. Stringer Lodge No. 17, ... 

Aot>l0!«e H07 ., 

Mr. Sander James _. 

Mr. Crockett ■. j...\ 

Mr. Maloue ;.'..' v 

Col. Hughes' Band 

Bev. W; T. Steward's Miseinn. . 
rrogrrsnivp Chaplcr No, 3rt O. 

Ev ft :....'. .., 

l'ride of Ihe Weft i^dgc KW 1 

"■of F.'wJ 

Mr. F. H. WJpds 

Mr*. AmouietBlix' 

Public Collection ; 

llulton Souvenir* , , .-.._.(. 1 

Dinner . ;,,.';* • 

t€m Cream .......... ........ . ■ 

^oda Water ; 

"oda Fnuntain -J 

I.unch No. 1 ,....- 

Lunch No. !..... .. * 

. nisburreacBl* 1(I!.S! 

'Tear '.-... ...Ilfri.lf 

If any donation' have' been omitted, 
lileaw notify Mrs_'Clnm James, seere 
fury. 221 Elmwond St.. nr 'phone River 
•ide W4S-J.' Disbursements r , Ice cream. 
*28J!0: band I2.'i.00; soda and syrnp 
IA|K Whitening Rome: conking, pi 
ing gardeir \eeds. cleaning*' repairing 
»nd inridenlals. ilW.Ofi,. Total llfl&JS. 


Two Thousand Fire Hundred Dollar* 

Will Bo Oiven Away For Compotl 

tlve DrUls and Military Oon- 

, test*, J500 Sand Fund Tot 

Camp HCTejitaa. 

Ttvothousahd live hundred dollar* ii 
prizes for- eorapetltive drilu.and miii 
tary. contents and a band fund of S500 
fur camp expenses is provided for tho 
l'ylhian Eiicauipnicnt at Mt. Louie. Aug. 
It) to S3. This is exclusive of tho iui- 
-mCnse cost of preparing and maintain- 
ing the big camp grounds; the elaborate 
decorations, the monster parades, the 
balls and the receptions. Undeniably 
this will ba the greatest event in the 
history of St. Louis. It Is ronserva- 
'lively estimated that tk* delegates and 
visitors will spend more than a quarter 
million dollars while here. 

The following ia a lilt of prlies which 
will be nn-ardedi- 

II. C'lnss A.— Regulation Drill- 
Prlio. nan.OO — Two hundred and Fifty 
dollars cash and a handsome pure silk 
American flag.- donated by, (ieorge 
Ijutorer. Uniforms and RcgaTTaS. 222 
West Madison Ht.. Chicago, III., j>loed 
nl $H»>.mv Hecond Prize— «ir*..iii .-ash. 
Third Prize— 1 7.1. 00 cash. 

Class B.-Fonrv and Display Drills- 
First Frinc, *2aq.rM>— J2no,00 cash and a 
pun- silk pennniit Hag, donated by 
Auieriean Uniform and Tailoring Co., 
msii North Eighth St. St. Louis. Mo., 
rained at 130.00. Second 1'riie— J1SO.0O 
cash. Third Prize— 00 cash. 

Class f.— Sword ExerelsO Drill— First 
Prixe, J^nOOfl cash and silk guidon flag, 
donated by the Do Moulin Bros. 4 Co., 
lireenville, 111. Second Prize—* 100.00 

' Class D.— Regulation Drill — FirM 
Prize, (250.00— »1 50.00 rash andannnd- 

ne/pare silk flag valued at.SIIIO.I 
oatcd by tleorge ■ l.autcrer Co., 2 

Ma disc 

ond Frizc— »100.00. 


- Class- E— (CadfU' 

Clgasl— Embrac 



.A. A. 0. P.— A C0NBI8TEHT 

rrom the Boston Oaardlan 

■)Vi the Edilor of Ihe Gn 

I hive just road with, regret, but 
without surprise, thht Jhe Red Crnss 
persist 1 in esrrying nut Ihe odious, 
uurcastrnable nnd unjust'" jxjlicj of dis- 
eriminntion ngninst the Negro. 
Blame* Wllaon. Ad luinlst ration Be 

cause 'of its bosttlllty ■ to Colored 

■ This is. of course, because their 
moan discrimination lindu much favor 
among.' and i*. indeed, I believe, dic- 
Inted by the highest poHlicaV aulhnr- 
ilicrrt'of this" counlrv. who seem to 
lw so eager I; make/the w..rld saVe for 
Ihe |K...r, ihe weak and Ihe he'lpreiy^- 
undcr Ihe name of democracy — abroad, 
that tho ruurdol' of a hundred innocent 
Negriica nl home has not-yvl been ob- 
served nr einiiiiieiiled on; much less has 
any ctpres.ion ..f regret born heard. 
wher* oumI Of ij is demauded. • ■ 
Bofiue* to Aid Rod Crour Further 
Within Ihe lasl week. I have had ■ 
many requests Iu aid the' Red Cross. 
I have decided to refuse to do so. tie- 
cause of its attitude towards- the Ne- 



Any one knowing the whereabouts 1 
iialirr,, f.irnterlv of Twin pafl, Irish 
•howld notify t'apnin Ktas,. Of tl 
Cigblh District (Police Station or the 
Argus' UfBce. Mr*. Benha- Hayes, 
Idaho, desires lo fee him. 

Anyone knowing tfte whereabouts 
.lack (lilcs, formerly of Empoi 
Kanaas, should notify Captain Hess of 
tho Kigbtjj Ihwrirf-iMtatibii ' «r the Ar 
go* OtBee. His wife. Mrs.' Jack OUe*. 
■Icsircs in hear from him. 

Moonlight Excursion. 

Wait for the record breakers, every. 
body it going on the popular moonlight 
-icurv . given by the famouh Acadaany 
Hoy* and Girls M'oadav evening, July 
3D. 1B17, on the beautiful steamer. 
'■ny E*gle.' The boat -il] Jeave ihe 
foM *f OHvw St. at 9 p.' *s. ¥«k fey 
>i*aat -Western Baad: tdmisston 35 

Tkc commutes, will make tki* excar- 
cioa ntutt long remembered 0**» 
-ittee- -Waller Carter Harry Jflku**«. 
Rofeen Aaderaoa, Pradk Tennyaoa, 
l'a»l Retain***, -Eraest Moore, Waller 
f'saras-c. -Jafca Oros* ITcary 7okatwa, 
iTbaa. Robert*. Walter -Hen demon. Leea 
V-irris. Hi,!,.- Walker. Richard !-kr 
0*% Bdvia Ivory. Xorvafl 
!>•*. Ateaaadar, Jesse J 

IvcrT woman >■ expseted ia register 
■■Saturday Jiatr X> at a polling pMaca in 
h*r pr»e.sct. . If yes* da aa* sag* ap 
fat •arvtea, sijra tit*. Hoover Pledge .m 
t* earefai aad *N wassa foo-d. ' PolU 
wl» fe* spea- fresa «:« a. m-/|*j »"0o 

First Prize — (JITOp and a Champion 
•hip GnldOO flat', donated by the Plus J'ro.j 
burgh Unifurni hihI Tailoring Co., -Jen- 
kins Arcade Bldg.. Pitisliurgh. Pa 
second 1 'rise— 125.110. ■ r. 

Billalion Dr'ill-^First Prize. MM. 
— Priite Pennant,- donated bv ft' 
Klodiag Regalia House, IS?". Whitoball 
S|.. Atlanta, Go. Sceond Prize,' (20.00 

..sjrecia] Prizes.— To t.he» Company Ihe ,V. A. A. 
traveling the longest di-tsnee'with nol "' M*. -Pi 
b-s«1h'ni> Hi Sir Knljihls nnd 3 Officers Iu *M <-r> 
I" the encampment. II 00.00. 

Patcstin'o Co. R., Ciiicinnati. Ohio, re 
lired champions «t Ihe world.. Cotrso 
Intion prire. 1200.00. 

To the Oldest Company in Tamp, diilr 
i}( Charter to govern, with the greatest 
nnmlier of members present over 35 
prize 125.00. > ' 

Musical Drill, J75.00, 

To thorompariy that 'has the greatest 
mlmber of Sir Knighls present ia earn p 
■ n . ouiforin. St. Louis excepted, prixe 
$SSM. . 1 

To lie company who a[tains I ha high 
I mark at inspection, aud ha* Jhe 
r-iincst n'narleni during the tonr of ea- 

'-iinipnienl, [-me ||,-.n, 
Prises, Night Panuli 

to all, lodges included. 
Hand Fund ' for 


fISO.OO. Open 


Hannibal, Mo.. July 27.— Hivsdqtiar- 
icr* of the Knights „f pythi** Mute 
IJrand Mession. Aaron W. 'l.l.ivd,' ol 
MI. Louis, was elected Grand Chancel 
lor for the ensuing yesr r W. T. Abc*)], 
of St. Louis, was elected Grand Keep. 
er of Records and Seats,. There was 
no change made ia aoy'uf Ihe officers 
nl this session. . 

All Day Excursion. 

Hello! Her* you ar*:' Wkot Why 
the. Colored, waiters of the I II «*■*!* 
Majntic aad the Orsy Eagl* will giro 
an all day excursion on the popular 
nissmer Grey Eagle, afondav asorning, 
July 3D, 1*17, ap U* M3r***Wpe4 •* Owl 
1 : ■.,■:■:.- Biver. The boat- lean* tha 
foot of Olive St. at B" .a. ;.**., arrivat 
at Alton at 12 m. Arrive at .tb* HOaad* 
K-'H at 3 p. m. Arrive aiNalta*. 
S:ft. ■■— —T^S . 


. »' Pri 

p. in. Muaie by ih* Great - w eater:." 
ii-r-.J- W. D: FlOwnra.' leader. Titk, ir. 
■ '•■'. ,- : : ■■■•:■ ii miii r--.jij tripj akii 
dren » ceata. ' ';■:'• 

Cross Dividends to N. A. A. O. P. 
A; howevet. I have 'nn desire, to 
keep -the Red Cross di»;idends-^*o- 
called— which I nn, recetving, I here 
pledge myself to present to iho N»- 
linnal Association fur the Advance- 
ment of Colored-. People." a sum' of 
money equal to the "entire amount of 
Bad Croa* .dividends which may reach 
uie on or bsfora ihe lirsr d-ay of Hep- . 
tcmher. ' ... 

A Word on tb* (' " :di4n * 

I coneider the "tiuariliiin " an er- 

cellcni, parapekr*, l.ul nut 'extreme 

publicBtioi; I"'hci|ie It will have u lung, 

nnd useful life. >' " 

Very respectfully, 

. Philip II. IVuliody. 

July 8, loir;';,, n; 

(Editor Trolier takes sOjecisl *pr,dc 

in tho fnet Ural ltir-. Ufihr in l!Hi:l tirsi 

hrought Mr. IVaboily -inlo Ihe cause 

■■1 the race. Editor Trotter also thinks 

anches iu view 
iliody.'s stand should refuse 
the Bed trrosn.) 



Rsv. tl. Aj, Conway wu with us Sun. 
day -and spoke. i v a 1 very appreciative 
cptrgre gatJoa' at forintbiBn. At nigHii 
the Young People gave a Maercd Con-, 
-err under Lite direction of Mrs Atari* 
'I*. ffhitc .. - -•■■.- 

ThcT.ite"rary is doing siime'good work 
eiery Friday nigbti Mr. Hy. C. Oaf' 
lor -was wiili 11* last Friday and gav* 
a- talk on "Cniiy" rthieh was timely 
and instructive. CoeM again Mr. QatWr, 

Miss Lucy Hwartl entertained at her 
home Wi Monday night with a party. 
'!)«»', torget -iho Cofiathian-yuinn 
Uaphl N. t^ pirn ii- in Catandclct Park 
Saiuplay, August II, "17. 

Mrs. Jtcssie C. .Newsome 'returned- 
home after spending Hvc months in 
H. pi springs.- Mue i*' hmhing' fine and 
some is all smiles. 

Mr... J. R.' Steele is the house guest 
of her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs 
R. Kteele'Of Detroit Uich. . 

Master Thomas Johnson, who has 'been 
a pstieul at the City Hospital. had bit 
right' arm ampul ate.]- arid it eipeeted 
to reiurn hnmesoun. The 'Ben' Hand' 
wish.-, him well. 

Mr. and Mrs. John liiggmshothan ar* 
rejoicing .ovej a visit frem 'the stork 
Uavfng- a; nn* boy Good -luek' to 
molher anji. hob. 

.A fawn pasty was. give* bv Ihe. "La- 
dies tt.mdcr Club" al Mrs.- Idell Wat- 
*■'■■-. ■ ■ -■■ H. Broadway. 

Mis.* Z. H. H&oulders one of the aura-' 
hawr.SrlwOt teachers is seriously ill at 
tbJs writing having undergone an npera- 
ttoii "n hOf throat We *rsaw .-for her 
*.*)poeily recovery. - 
. One ;,f Ihe prettiest. parties „f,tke se. 
•on giiiji. «n the South Side wis that 
given bi Mis* Thelma C. Harris at h*r" 
b**oiifnr home on Louisiana Av, over- ' 


a pane** lantern* and bbttor- 

flies far 

eed th* deeorations. -:>!.- 

seven of 

Sl. Louis' ciociety Wids and 

Ladies w 

re present. Thev wcr« served 

agrant breeze on. the lawn. 

:.*!■« lev. secretary aad treasurer; Ja 
J. Jtkaaet*,' •anearalry **qtag*d' _ so 

. Cards, bills aad ietlsrhsrad*. for 
ttm ptaaaM try tk* ArgM, tMl Mar- 


■ ' There w ill bO aa ice cream /estival 
at the Cbristian Spiniunl Ch"orch 27ST 
Lawtoa Ave., tha' fourth Friday #v«- 
aiag ia Jujy AH spiritnal .eongraga- 
tieaa sx* lariied to be preaenL A til 
viy oaTeiiag will b* takem for tha 
beaent of tb* hwildta* fuad.. J, fj, 
WeaUerfOrd. rector; M. Owaaa, ne 
retaiy. - 


We made it good 
It made itself famous 

Poro College Company 

3100 Pine St. Dept. V St. Lotils, Mo 

**»*»♦♦♦»*♦♦ « ♦»♦♦♦♦♦*•«•**<•«»*>**»«»»* 


Moving V«n», Packing and Shipping ' , 






2623 LAWTON AYE., . 

Fine Ciders .ml Soil Drinks ■ Sw;isiry 
Ladies' tn J Otitis' SKiniag Parlor . 

I. M. WOODS. Prop. - 





111 NORTH 12th STREET 

CENTRAL 3491 -rt 

MAIN 1043 

Louis Hencken 


2601 Market Street 

r int-claas Lin*, of Goods 
Orders Promptly Delivered 


irpfPiiit, 1341 Marfcei. ■ 

wkw ha m»I e( printing, mD He- 
ms*! 1*U. 

W. Hughes 

Undertaker sad cmbalmer. Carriages 
furnished' 'or all ocoasioas. 
' Mrs. J. W. Hughes tteeaeed 'embalav 
Boat, £929; Central MIS. 

•r. Phones, : 

!M0 Lewtoa Art, St Ix.rii, Mo. 




Your Printing 



.*,. (HI ham- :• an aHit all. See* »>'-J 


takxhai rt taW a Ma , MM 

IsWoaseSan .neeen/UI ««*» 

»* ■ - — M* tt. e*- 

■us- m ■;■.•»> |»M»il 
aaaa*. < u suae stsv 
ttsa-« • mt; •**? M 

. -.- »- r.fl'Ur-4.- OMr Ml- 
■IS**! maiwr noes tn* 

laltT*! JIiJ HlTUf . .UHUlt 
tit mall. M "1» ti 
. u < - M-.l la >.«r 
lava. Wr 


1. J. V. La, 


Odd FrflowY Hall 2*23 Morgan 
Streak. S>«lj decorated lodge 
rooans »J reception hall lor ml 
Sparhl. nttesboa 1o private rtcep- 
tieans. Real very reasonable Sm 

Kai Ptkoaa VWtor 1«W-K 

Iks, d. burton 

I aad Sold. Light 

Wit* Jeans aim aamntadr Ta.rt 
■t i fiint Send tea casta • ilasasjs 
tm a sso ns s ss . Also Tratk Ahemi the 
Bible, gut: ggarndgagi of .the sVaUe. 
UM Way ) tm . Waa a Mit uw) N * 
•W-i-».t*» ljiarjCTM* 
«-, Kansas Cfc* M • 




QataUa, IntvaatesT hy a New York 

Just as a. good fertilizer 'nourishes 
tat eeil and product* a rich crop of 
wheat or corn, to will the gvoper 
edy create a healthy condition, of the 
scalp, aad promote the growth at ■ tin 
hair. QOntADE itim.iletee and nour- 
iabro. the roota of xha hair, thereby 
teasing a health; growth. 

qOKT ADE waa in vented by a New 
Yorh chemist, aad 1* a t fa .* n a* T 
personal' superrisioa of a registered 
ill tf orir twenty-flvn yean 1 
is H a guarantee that 
(JOIN ADE U aa near pha ra aaah t ieaUj. 
correct y pah be. The ingredients are 
•elected with great tar* aad nothing 
tstera t-hia high elaat (uepantioa un- 
law It hj of the higbwt pajritT. 

Boabj'r OTNAaOAP, tha ideal ahaaa- 
aoa, ia. »a raeallest. aid to QUT.HADB 
ig keapiag the •carp ja a dfaa, health; 
It ' efcovld b- oaed abooi 

to st. Joins AlP°ti 



hflM Willjc Smith iptnt Saturday 
~— ■ I aad Sandaj at Lwpar, Mo., 

- Xho entertainment given bv the goOit of hfii* Marf*Dirter. . .Mra. Hat- 
Toong Men 'a Club 1'ri.lav night at the , tin Uoore, who hai been ill for t 
A. M. E. parsonage gronndi,-wa> very [.time, is much improved.. '.Mr*. V, 
•ueeeaaful, flnaneially.. I'rfni.lii;:: El- , Wyatt departed for Hannibal, Mo., l.ut 
dor ThumiBii wna preMBt...B*v- J. L. I ifonday night to attend the Grand 
Carter, of St." Louie, wu in our city Lojlge of the Court of Calaatba. . -Mra. 
on biuineii neverel dayi lait ' ,wk - 'Anna White, of St. Louis, i< the gueit 
While her: he delivered two ier.uona' a f |,er mother, Mrs. Cornelia Moore-, 
at the Morgan Street BaptUt < itch -430 Valley at.. . .Mils ((race MaOtd- 
and ma'do :■. great impraaion -open the longn returned home Jut Tuesday 
people of thi- eity.-.Ura. Uinni. ■ Oer- -from Brythevillc, Ark'., vhere ihe has of Franklin, Mo., waa in the been attend ing the eeavoeatlon of the 
city Sunday. ..Mr. Jae. A. Turn r. of Holineaa Choxeo. ,. .The Sacred Cuneert 
Trinidad, Coto., a graduate of I. ■ ■■(■In conducted by Mn. Bittie Jaekton at 
Institute, -was here Friday afternoon, ,ih a A. M. E. Church, Friday night, 
it route to Oklahoma. .Mlu .Ethi'i Tol- w ai quite a" aueee*e...Tho Ladiea 
ion, of Tnyettv, "Mo., waa a vlaltor • Qaam >fi^j r Club' will give a> miaeel 
in this ritj- Monday. . .Prof, aji.i H"- lancooa slower Tnetday evening in 
Houston. Elll*, bt ("ioothen Mill. Ho., honor of Miss Willye Smith, -at' the 
are visiting frieoda la thil city.. .Mill Ji 0loe of sirs. D. C. Freeman from 
Nettye Ellis departed' Sunday for 3 to 6 p. m,,'.'.Bey. W. it. Beed, r patf- 
Buneeton. Mo., whore >he will ^pend ) ar of.Pleaeant Hill Baptbt Church 
«vcrdl days with' friends.... ,5V fa- prewhed two wonderful aermons Son 
neral of Mm. Emma Lea, who di.-d re- aiy morning and evening. Mra. Polly 
etstly in the U. B. Y. and a M. T. Bl n6 „ ln Bt her home on Benton St 
Home a* Hn fm lba l , Mo., waa held Frl- . ...Th Argus ' reporter wm tfis gneat 
day evening from Morgan Street Rap- of Mother Hainline last Thursday 
Hit Church. Rev. H. \Y. Bolti offl- - m^ m. . j^,^ ot Arkansas, is 
tinted. Mss. Leo was a memluT of jnaaj rf friends. . .Prof, and Mrs. 
the local order of S- M. T. for many J, Anthony left for Ohio, where thej 
years. The Temple participated in the wi]] mri;8 jheir fatore home... Mrs. 
funeral services. Among the rehitives (j| anl j ones ;', indSspoaed st'herhome 
present were.- Mr. and Mra. 1'erey n „ Ali(;o St.. ..The Infant *on of Mr. 
Lee, of Kansas -City, Mo., ■ and Mr, „j' u„_ A . B. Moore paaaed away 
Robt. Irfc, of Chicago... The T.^ep- Monday night. Funeral, services wtS 
lion given at the residence of Mr.-nnd conducted by Rev, W. M. Eeed; in- 
Mra. Wm. Shelby in honor of Mr. and torment in City Cemeterv. . -Mrs. L. 
Mrs. TVm. Lee in honor of Mrs. I.ula p| e ],£, n s wg, elected teachi-r in the 
Lee and son, Master Bernard, n( St. Morocco Public SehooL . 

Pan!, Minn., who nrc visiting friends ' , 

and relatives here, was report.- 1 as PKEDERICKTOWN MO. 
a -gran J affair. Mrs. E. B.' Wilson, 

f St. LddIi 



By Miss II. N. Jones 

.-Mr in 

By Mrs. N. B. villain 

Mrs.' Jane Hunt, of Farmtngton, Ho., 
!'>.■■ the guest of Mm. Alice Beed, a 
few days ago... Miss Hattie Caldwell, 
of Chester, 111., is tie guest of Mrs. 
Josio Smith... Mrs. Delia Armstrong 
and. Miss Hazel left Wednesday for 
their home at Festus, - Mo Min 'Ei- 
ther White and Mrs. Ooorgia Bigeby, 

of Castor, spent Salorday her*. ..Mr. 
llo. Mo., gpeni^loBt week visitln;: hisj Edward McFsdden visited friends at 
ife h£re,...Kev. Wm. Browster has]Castor Snnday...Mr. and Mrs- Josh- 
ua Davis left for SL Louis, Saturday. 
Mrs. Lottie Williams and family left 

been on the sick list for - the past 
eek, but is now improving. ..Bev, 1L 
. Drssdnht. of Allenville. Mo., ."-peat 
last .Sunday with bis wife... Mr. and 
Mrs. Ceo. Williams arc the proud par- 
■nts of a tine baby boy.. .Baby Wil- 
iama, of jt Fnontain St., was hadly 
njnred by an. auto driven by Dr. 
Schnlts («hite) 'in the driveway 'of 
Baby .Wiiliams ' arm was 
crushed by -the automobile. Dr. J*chnlts 
did not .notice the presence of the 
child until it cried. He la -holding 
himself responsible for th* doctor's 
bill. ..William DeLjles was drowned in 
the Mississippi Biver Sunday morning 
at 11' o'cloek, while swimmlnp. .Be- 
Lyles has been matting his home with 
Mr. and Mrs. Winseti since the death 
of his grandmother, Mrs. Winrow, some 
time ago. Mr. Fred Abernathy waa 
in the water with DaLyles at the time 
he called for help, but' thinking him 
joking, did not offer any assistunoe un- 
til it- was too late. A thorough search 
as made for the body up ami down 
the Mississippi from 11 o'clock until 
late in the afternoon, but no trace 
uf the. body -was found. Mr. DcLylea 
warone of the Cape's moat promising 
routes. -He was a member of the A. 
M. E. Church choir; and **» ..well 
thought of by all who '.knew blm...- 
Snnday services at all of the . lurches 
were enjoyed by large and apprecia- 
tive andiences. :.. .Those on the Sick 
list si -.hi. writing are: Mrs. V*. Look- 
eridljB-Sherwood and Mil. Pully Ab- 
ernathy. ..Mt and Mrs. DaVin Farrnr 
are much improved ... Mr. lease Bol- 
linger ' and' wife of Great Falls, Mon- 
tana, are the guests of Mr, Bollblger's 
parents, Mr., and Mrs.- Oeo. BoUingar. 
...Mr. William Washington and- Mrs- 
Nettie 'Allen' were quietly married .at 
the Catholic Church, Monday inorning. 

Both artielfe an sold by 
aad daalers at XSe each, or will- be 
•eat direct by Baaby Drag Co.. 71 K 
130th. St.. nr*ar York City, oa receipt 
at jBesnt Wvis. fte nasi! of QimT- 
ADE, atta sffatssfl tht asase ef this pa- 

Agents Wanted 

Th DEm AT AS BAB mi 
KAlf TtUTMEMT. tfgfiSJgP 

"■■*•». RanraavS 

By Mrs Madgo B. Cuuks) 

Miss Dorothy McN'ntt. ciiitrtained 

the OolHen-leaf Club Saturday. ' ifias 
Florence -Cooke, of Hannibal, Mo., .was 
their fasssV aaWssI Lneile Vilcntine 
and brother, Master Orrin atMnded 
the. basket uleeting at Sbelbina, Mo, 
last Sunday . Master Orrin returned. 
home Siindsy evening, but Miss Valen- 
tine will be the 'gneat of rclativM (or 
a few days.. ..Mrs. B. il. PerKina and 
aon, Paul, were the gnasta of her 
mother at. Clarence, Mo, . Sund..y. Mrc 
Prank . Parkins, of i"r. D ■.-■■: t. - . Iowa. 
and little, son, Frank. Jr., a. •ompan- 
ied Mrs. R. B. PnsinaSiaiae vU will 
be ; her gusata for a few days. ..Mra. 
Sarah .Shtrwthjd. wha has beast ejnlts 

ill at her home, is eoavaleserat^ :. 

Mr. Herbert Bankia was ilii iiiif in 
VM M th* lafcu M the Sv jtorium 
Sunday ereaisg. Funeral «r. -es were 
from Bethel A. M. ¥.. Chnrcb A'edncs'- 
ehvy »Jteraoon...Mri. Kuril Chvth,' of 
Bt. Loais, waa called .to Mseosl Bon- 
day aa eeconBi ot the death eg har 
step-bntbjsr, Mr. Herbert Baikin..: 
Mra. Kelli* Evans ratarne.1 from 
BrookJ-eid, Mo M-. ja rJ»y, wkeM ate 
has tiesa visiting ralatives and friend*. 
,\.Mi. aad Mia. a. W. Fox, Eanau 
City. Mo, vroro tha-gaaats of neir son, 
&*■» A K. Psa, R«sMBay...Mr. and 
Mm. J. T. . AoseiL Mr. Edward Many 
aad Miss Virginia.. A aenU lift Monday 
for H a na ijuJ. Mo, to attand ... Grand 
t i lMl >t the K. it 1\ Lod-,.-.....Mra 
Priee Qsgia, of Clint**, In, a the 
ga*at of Mrs. Laaa (Irani. 

for St. Louis Sunday.. .Messrs. Daniel 
and Frank Stnten are visiting at Her-. 
culaonim, Mo. ..Mrs. L. M. Brown : 
preached n very interesting sermon 
Sunday morning and evening also. 
Every one wns glnd to have iut with 
us after a brief illness. . .Mr. Roseoe 
Davis is able to be out again after aa 
illness of several days.. .Mra. .Eliza 
Madison and Mrs. Arthur -Madison were 
here -On business .Monday.. .The Dia- 
mond Girls Crochet , Club, will have 
their- bazaar Saturday at Haven Chap- 
el M. E. Church. Dinner will bo served 
on the chnren lawn. Those dratted 
from this city ate:. Messrs. Abraham 
Davis. Etson Matthews and Charlie 
ViUArs. ...Mra: Louisa Davis is conval- 
etceft. / *' j 


By Mrs.- L*oU Iatild 

A large number from Webster 

Groves attended the funeral ef Rev. C. 

C. Kitchen, that was held from Union 
Memorial Church, St. Ixmis, lent Sat-. 
nrday at S p.'m. Rev.. Kitchen, .former 
pastor of Webster M. E. Church did 
splendid work . here, having built a 
benutiftil church a few yeara''ago. He 
leaves a -host of friends who extend 
to his wife their deepest sympathy. . 
Bev..Theo. Morrison departed for Ban-. 
nibal, Mo, last Monday night a* dero- 
gate of tbe . 1 '>-;.h i »:■ Lodge, of St 
Louis... Mrs. Fannie Thomas left also, 
M delegate of the' Court of Calahth*, 

of -^Webster Groves Mr. Jns. L»w- 

rencc. of Chieago, passed 'tbroogh this 
city last Thursday en route to. San 
Antonio, T,'--*.. where he will be the 
guest of relatives. Mr.' Lawrence wa^ 
joined by his tittle daughter, Centen- 
inl. who has been with her grand- 
mother, Mrs. Frank Jonss since last 
fall. ..Little.Miss Oeialdrne Huston re- 
porte sneeeesfnl school work this. sum- 
mer, at Chicago Misses Sarah 

Woods, VaudoUe McMarray, Mr. 
Thoo. Ramsey, of St. Louis aad Mis. 
Barnett and children were pleasant 
Visitor* at the home of Mr. and Mra. 

D. J. Larld last. Sunday. 

Sii«*rl» Htir Grvwer 

«• Se-A S*>i C 0. D. Agsnjb Wanshsd 

Pr-«ptSCTTi« rWe, Ui.J«*4 Lm** PrnIM Vui 




■',.-..' v - 

Packing, Shipping *nd Stormge. 

Sccond-Hand Go»>d> 

Light add Hthnrr Haulmi and 


J Full Drew Suits For Rent. + „ 


* Soooad-Mand Ovor Coats. . *p 


+ 0nva*4d9 aj. 

+ '711 North Sixth Street Second Floor *p 
•*+**+++ + ♦**++ + *.+ + + + + + + +++* 

Robt. P. Fr.^tschle 

Diaaaoekas, Watches Etc. 




We Test Your Eft* 


And Sell Eye 01 a*se 
and Spectacles on Time 
Dr. WtH. M. Riley 

aVwiesTaraoaAt*.* WeaVSt 

Phone Bomont 1548 



an FtM',st 

Evary Snsday ereniag^ .-' New saan- 
aganss a t. James L. I£all aad J ante 
White, snecaeaars't* Prof . J. C Lucky. 
Uoaic hy Acadeany Orchestra. Ladies 
admitted' frse: Gestta, IB eesta. AH 






flj. \(r*^V ""'' " lltt 







■ , -■ And <> 




' M(- '..iS LAMPKINS 



Mme. Oaikoua, hair specialist, 1MT 
[*•*», ia eaTaatag speslsl indseasaenas 


Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,800.00 

Tbe only Old line Legat Reserve Life Ina urance C<impfiny 
. owned and operated ei.tirely by Colored People.. Not 
Fraternal, nor Assesamant, nor Industrial. Insurance In 
force over J2,000,000; , ' 

Elmer Hubbard 
Miss Ethel .Edwnrda, of St. Louis, 
is spending a few days with her moth- 
er, Mrs.' Annie Webster. .-.Services' ,at 
the Mt. Zion Baptist Church were en- 
joyed by alt, morning and evening 

Mm.' -K L-' Mllle* is able .to h* np 
again after an illness of several, iroata.. 
...Crab No. t of Mt 2ion Baptist 
Church wiH give, an entertainment in 
the. CTaarch "Ptrk, Thursday night. 
Mrs. E. L, Mi?.!.:r. .".Ktv. Mil- 
ler sud members - report that every- 
thing is in readiness for th* Berean 
Baptist Aaaoeie,tion, which will con-. 

vene here, A agnst 10 to Sfl Every 

.ana is looking .forward to . the Old 
Folks Concert which will be given by 
Troop O. Angnst ti, at St. John A. M. 
E. Church... Th* mtiiicaJi recital chat 
was held at St. John A. If. E. Chart*, 
las* Thnrsday evtmlag was laigsry at- 
tended. ..Mra. Alice Hall, of SL Louie, 
spent Sunday With hoc mother, Mra. 
Emma Washington. .Miss Berth* Jones 
is: visiting her another, Mrs. BeDe 
Jones. ..The annual iirsmn of lie'TJ. 
B. T. wd H. M. T. Will be fsamaM 
at Wntn-viOa, B*adsy. ..-A rally 
be given 'ai OTallon.' Mo, 9aB*ay far 
n tbe benefit of th* M. E. Chnrch. 
I ,Costino*d an page ».) 

Branch Offices In Missouri 

T. A. Dickson, Social Represoitative 
2343 Market St., St. L*.» C H. FeariBf, Afewy Krtctor 

1616 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Stewart A Swut, Ajeacy Dtrecten 

The L Erdle Bskery k 
Coaf ectitnery . 


I Phone, 8omont-2il 




Continued- from Page 2. 

m ST. Loua lzaos 

Tee Ueeeoau - Perk FInt d*pUst 
Charea, Hoeeeai* Park, Bo. Kifkwood, 
Mo. I Freaehing Sunday 11 m. m. a 
p. m. Prayer meeting 3 k. m. also 1 
d«y sad Friday nights. Covuut nl 
sacrament ovary fonrth Sunday at 1 
p. m., B. Y. P. J7. at 6:3U p. m., Bus..' 
day saasoialBiM a. a. 


Yqu wIH always fad the Argos ud 

all' lesdiag Colored newspaper! oa sale 

at the Glob* News Stand, 351 Baal 'Sfc, 

eoraer « th, Memphis, Tea*. ;, 

' ' I Cae*. Btewart, Agent. 

National Negro 
Business League 

To Edit™, Offleers, Life Member* 
and. Member* of The National Ne«ro 
Business League,- Members of Local 
Negro Business Leagues nod Person* 
interested in the Work of tba Lesgus: 
I aaad herewith the first formal an- 
aouneemeat of the arrangement* which 
are being made for the forthcoming 
meeting of the National Negro Bmi- 
ne«e League. We 1 anal) appreciate any 
efiort j-ou ma» put forth to interest 
£Jthe boainees and professional man and 
women of your community in the meet- 
ing and whatever else yon may be able 
to do to help make the meeting a 

EMMETT J. SCOTT, Secretary, 
Rational Negro Business League. 
Tuakegee Institute, Alabama, 
July IS, lMT. 

$15 Gold Pin Teeth $15 

On year Naw Plata will insure you again s; the teeth continually breaking off 

W OTlNER PL,ATES *s LOW as $5 

$4" Crown am* Bridge Work $5* 

Examination FREE 






H+ + + -f + + + + + + + +-J"i- + + + + + + + 'f + + K 

Glasses to fit jour eyea for 

$1.90 and Up. 
Gold Filled.Eye Glas^ Frames 
and Hountiiur of the very beat 
quality ud lowest prices. 
2S35 Market St. 

IT Yearn ha Jewelry and Optical 


■r w " v 


Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

If j on would like to .hare moca 
lutlrou*. • So wing. . beautiful, long, 
straight hair; use one jar of Zynol 
Hair Grower and Straight eaer. Price, 
X cents, *ent prepaid everywhere. Re- 
liable igeati wasted, Zysol Toilet 







Ball, Bom wit 831 

Uwton Ave. Pressing 
% CLUB %. 

' J. SAMS, Proprietor 

Gnt't Sail. Cleaaed * Pressed J 1.6* 

Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairing of 
Ladle* and Gent* 'Garment*. 


2tt2 Uwton Ave. 


S«nd for a Free 
Trial Treatment 
for Syphilis, to 

Old Dr. Welch, JacksMTiUe, Fl*. 

Ready to Lay Down their Lives { 
for their Country 


Of course you should. The Negro has always .been «L 

the moat patriotic of American citizens. He ,is now ready j. 

tosacri&cehia life for his country.' It he is often denied T 

the privileges and the rights of an American citizen he is +- 

ready to stand up and fight for the only flag he ever knew. Hr 

He can be depended upon to join the ranks at any time. 4* 

But, before you enlist, make preparation for those you J. 

are leaving behind by joining l j. 

The Order of American Woodmen + 

The very best protection you can get. Your policy remains •»* 

good during your enlistment just the same as ever. If +■ 

called upon to cross the ocean and fight in the trenches of ■*. 

Europe, then the premiums will be kept uofor you by the ,►. 
Supreme Camp until you return home aooip. 

You may carry a certificate as hivnas $2,000' if you** 

like. It pays you| accident and sick benefits, and at 'your *r 

death a handsome certificate to your loved ones. HK 

' Don't hesitate but join now. Tomorrow may be too a 
late! See B. J. KNOX, J. J. DIXON and FELIX H. .BUT 
LER, Deputies, and get all the particulars. 



-*+ + + +++ + *+.*+*. +•*■■*"*• + •*• + * + + ++* 




Old HAfSJ4ew Awl NEW HATS Too 

COMPLETE course of instruct inns enabling' beginner! to -learn 
the art of HAT MAKING and Renovating according to the latest 
meaods. The instructions csn be obtained by mail. 



' One thoueaml agents wanted. Good money 
? 1 * do .;-.J^"J nt "«*nt8 in every city' and village 
toaellTHESTAR HAIR GRoVei(. This iT. 
ZStES&SSlEti&r c ""»e««aedwiSiorwith- 

out atnughtering irons. 

Senators* per. boi-^one box will .rove ita 
value. Any person that will use a 26c bo '^riS be 
eonvineed No m.ttw »h«t has faile* tomrow 
frfT h ";^" «*« ™l STAR HAIR GBOwStI 
t?*i^i l . co " vinted - 3*»d 26c far full site box. 
Kjon Vfah ft be an M ent send 11.09 and we wdU 
eend you a fhll eupply that you can begin work with 



General Hauling 

, A. WRIGHT, Manager. 
Phone: BomoDt IS51-R 2753 WALNUT ST 


. >• all HctioH of Ik.,:!,, ,„, 
""w ™ mtmU eullura •llaudnu rat 


' 1 

taw. f. a. caEcoar 

warra FOR tfsvts 


A.L. Bed 

Mku Birdie Ileal, licensed embalmer 
for ladies. Ltiery carnages furnished 
Open day and night. 

2726 Lot.** Ave. 

St. Leafe, He. 

2751 MarketSt. 

St. Louis. Mo. 



al gold I lied eyeglawn for oolj 
dollar. Moaey baah If yon wan! 
Sale lloaday aad Taaeday at 
Barry a. beoghua, Praaeriptloa Drog- 
(fiat qaalitr and Barvlea Store, StOO 
North Peadleton Avaaoe. ' 

.We actually sell yon the .ganoiaa 
goid-hMled .eyeglasses" or speetaale 
framea, gDaraateed to assay 1-Utfc If- 
harat gold Iliad, and' to wear for tea 
years. Similar glasses elsawbara, tSM 
With those frames is a pair of oar 
genuins penscOBic crystal leases, fitted 
free by our expert optician, who has 
had in" of experience la AtUa4 
■■•. For only one dollar.. Bpaabg 
a extra. S3 50 tbalese glaaiw, 
IS.IS; bifocals, two pairs in one 
for S3.0O. Himtlar glasses slsewhsra, 
14.00 aad 9S.OS. 

Boll.Bomontm' Kinloch, Central" oW 

rrossers Funiture & Storage Co. 

Jirne Payment Dealers In 

3218-30 Qftra Srr... ' ^„, ^ ^^ 

■ ■ "More Fnr Your hfonev" -^ 

Furniture Boujrht and gold for Cash or Taken in Exchange for MoviraT 


Madam Point L Long 

The Wonderful Hair Culturist 

Treats the Scalp. Cores Dandruff and Tettei, Grows the Hair one-half inch 
per month, grows hair on bald heads, Manufacturea her own Remedies 

First Application .ft .50 with Oil. Aftorward* 50c. 
erery two weeks 
Facial Massage. Manicuring, mekernf Braids and Switches. Agents wanted 

Rheumatism arid 
Kidney Troubles 

Excellent Blood Medicine arid 
1 All DyciyilliB Diseases 

ttL Wm. Roberts '&& 

« J ■ : ~ 7-— 7^1: -.-^=^ WHpovI 
Minute, Praaaralion ferthe Iteslment of Dm pay Tipillg 

Registered U. S. A.S^J- Phone. Defrnar 1592 

4241 - W iKennerlv Ave. St. Lotiii, Missouri 




■ Ml^M 

St lloni* Argiw 


a* THE 


^"^ntyiraw aaVd'Ad i ut Mag M M a s m» 


' 134.1 UARUTT ST. 

Six Msnths .... 
Three Month-: 

subscript kw rates< 

Advertising Rates FaroiimSw •* Recj-eit 

. Ike fMlHai 



The members of Pint Baptiat Church 
enjoyed the inspiring service* Init Sub- 
day. Bey. Maxwell delivered * v.-rj 
interesting sermon, theme "(tod'* < ' ■« 
Oreat Purpose." In the rally that* wal 
more than $200.00 reined; ami the r;,:y 
will continue through this Sunday. Tti 
paator urge* each in ember tg contribute 
a* liberally a* possible, owing* to the 
fMt that man}' necessary thing* jrp 
needed, W» are grid to report the gt d 
attendance or the Sunday school 
a T. P. U. Alt are weleomi. 


According to a recent investigator, it has been found that 
housing conditions among the colored people have become very 
math congested in this city. This report also shows that sanitary 
conditions are- bad and in many cases, houses that have been va- 
cant for years and are in a delapidated condition, have been rented 
to colored people, without repair. 

This of course, is due principally to the influx of Nejtroes from 
East St. Louis following the recent race riot. These houses were 
practically untenantable before the recent influx.but the renter had 
his choice of many and avoided the delapidated ones. 

We have a law in this city which deals with sanitation and 
health. In an address before a colored audience recently Dr. Stock- 
loff painted out the danger of unsanitary conditions. He said he 
favored a change for better, and now with the increasing popula- 
tion, the conditions demand immediate action on the part of the 
Health Department of this city. Evmry daya delay ia eottty. If 
specific cases are needed, .we would' suggest that a little work of a 
few inspectors will reveal startling conditions. It is really worth 


Following the resolution offered hy. Hon. L.C. Dyer of this city 
to make lynching.* Federal offense, a similar resolution has been 
introduced by the Hon. Mr. Dallinger. of Massachusetts. 

We are pleased to know that at least some one has been found 
v (or some one haa found themselves')' with the courage of their con* 
' victions. to offer such resolutio»s in the councils of the nation. >■ 
- The recent outrages committed against colored citizens of the 
United States, at East St. Louis, Illinois, have set the thoughtful to 
thinking. Crimes were committed that the average mind though 1 
impossible. It is now- clearly seen what may happen at any time or 
at any place in the -United- States-, unless something is done. Local 
officers have always found themselves either unable or unwilling to 
protect lives and property when the mob spirit Was once started. 
The constitution of the United States has in all-such cases been fla- 
grantly, violated.- It is the duty of the (Jove.rnment to step irj'with 
its unlimited power and put a stop to such practices. . 

Mr. Dyer and Mr. Ballinger are perfectly right when they say 
that Article XIV of the Amendments".* the Federal Constitution 
provides' that "No State shall deprive any person of life, liberty or 
property without due process of law, nor deW-to any person within 
its jurisdiction the equal protection of the lawSr* The law covers 
the case fully but the enforcement of the law is weak. What is 
needed how is the passage of the "Dyer Bill" that will in the future 
be able to fix the responsibility. 

Public sentiment in favor of law and order should be so over- 
whelmingly for the . resolution that_ it should pass with very little 
opposition. . " '"- 

Let every colored . man, woman and child lend their influence, 
by writing their representative in Congress and Senate urging thei? 
support of the resolution. This is the one step in the right direc - 
tion. A ray of light is seen in it. Let all support ft. 3 : 

_■-.'■ EAST ST. lows; 

The business men and the business interest at East St. Louis 
seem to have awakened to the reaJ situation in that city, and now are 
found very busy putting forth extraordinary effort? to pre-vent an- 
other outbreak of lawlessness there. They have found by investi- 
gation that a gigantic 'scheme was underway to tie up all the in- 
dustries of the city in the near future. The promoters' realized £he 
nocessity of an almost unanimous ob-operation of employees in or- 
der to jnake the scheme' a success, but found too much loyalty in 
the Negro to make him a part of the^plot; therefore, they, decided 
to drive the Negro out. The business' 'intonate' will do well to of - 
\ fer e\ery possible protection to those who are most faithful in 
every emergency, 'ere they find their hands tied. 

, Watch your step. 

Every thought or act may mean a atop in one way or the other. 
We should watch our jUpa at all times, w nether riding on street 
cars, standing on the street corners, ,hanging out our windows half 
dressed in- tbe evenings, or whether we are coming in our front 
door with the ''can." Our steps ^leaves their foot-printa, especi- 
ally along the main thoroughfares and, in public places. WATCH 
YOUR. STEP." ■'•...* 

Nirt.ivf.ii hereby given to all person* who suffered; injury, loss 
•f property or any damage whatsoever, m the Hot in East St. Louis. 
111.', War about July 2. 1917, to apply at the office of Atty. Homer O. 
Phillips, 2335a Market St.. St. Loots, stfc, IMMEDIATELY, and 
proper steps will be taken to protect their interest and recover dam- 
ages for their loss without any charges whatsoever. <„ 
' "•• '. lFa,\). COMMITTEE OP THE 



A large, congregation was. pits-nl 
laat Bandar mo mine to bear the Bev. 
!. -E. •' Arthur's special sermon. Ho 
rged ull the members of tan Pariah to 
make monthly subjtriptionn toward [h'o 
payment .of the expensei of the ehui.-h 
and. tn be prompt in meeting tbe same. 
He- will- preach again thin Sundav nt 
11 a. in. All are cordially invited to 

. 1 — • • 

These are busy days for the Central 
membership. Pastor Stevens baa found 
tbe 3 ni in ii to calls at the hqme of 
of his member* a tremendooa task, but 
a moif delightful one. Tbe special 
financial campaign ii drawing to a 

The second Thousand Dollars U pi- 
peeted to be in oa jajit Sundav. The 
entire parish haa sflcained its reeoni 

for loyalty, in thiAwriftl effort Pan: 

tor Stevens will jfiesch both moraine 
and evening.. The Choir will ren< 
special musical program. Every loyal 
member in hia place, and on time, 


r Church Directory 

*K$2^££3it: *+++♦+**♦+♦+♦+**+♦+++* +*+♦ 

Jones wii their guest 
■Mijsc-a Isndore and' JohDella Hillard 
■pent a few day* with their grand 
mother, at Chi.-itern.e1d- He v. and Mm. 
w. W. Perry entertained Rev. and Mrs. 
Cruihshon, Monday night'. 
Wbitteabeiy entertained 
Sunday af ternoon. The 
kick liat arc much imprared. All are 
Invited to oar Sunday achool picnic to 
be given at OTnllon Park, Angnit 11th, 
Grounds No. 1 and 3. Be*. W. W, Perry, 
jiastor; Mrn. U Tanhlm, secretary. 


The 'Seven Chureh Baptiat Cnlon met 
at 3131 Hne fit, with Bethel Baptist 
Church, Rev. B. Hobinson, paator.. The 
uicciioj waa. one long to be remaa- 
bered., Rev. Mark, of Pilprim Baptiat 
Chureh preached an excellent aermon 
from rieneai* fortiatb chapter unrl 14th 
VF»e, lubjee.t, "A Friend in Time of 
need. I ' Tbeanalonia Baptiat. Church 

3d pastor joined tbe Union.' Tbe- neit 
feting will be at the Semple Avenue 
Bspliit Church, Rev. Oeo. Clemniona, 
paator. Bev. < Herri*- will preach .the 
aermon, All are invited* to be with m 
in theae meetlafre, Bev. Q. \V. Hall, 
preaident; Rev. I,. £. Molton aecrelary. 



Although the mercury hovered aroutji 
100 degree* Sunday morning, a Isr/. 
eongregatioi** aaaembted tn hear T'r 
Peck, who .preached a* he only can from 
tbe 12th Chap, of Hebrews, . 1st v 
Theme: " Renoait ruction under Cbriat. ' 
Re preached to. nn appreciatin 
audience Sunday night on "Bonn 
Eatentiela in Character." Every St 
pertinent la a|Mritualfy alive. The (hat 
iricctinga are largely attended onTm.- 
day pveninga. There are EO claiaes tfni 
very neldoni ia a leider abaeot. 

Much credit ia dne Vr. W. V*. Smilli 
prealdent of the '"«-= Leader' Board 
for the* inter cat manifeated by thi 
ii-.-i.ji'r... Mr. Smith, who ia treejnrei 
ttl the tniateea ia ona-of K the moat faith 
fnl, loyal memberi of the.ebnreh. Hit 
motto ia to deatl by exanfpte an well aa 

T)ic i- 1 ii i'.:.-lv school- ia *c*ping tip 
record hi intereit and attendance. The 
annual S. S. pienie will be held Thnra- 
day Aug. °th at Tallon Park, (iroandi 
I. There wilt be mnaie. all kind* of 
game*, plenty of refreshments and a 
good lime. _.- 

We are. glad to report our anperinv 
tendenl. Miiw Shouldera, to pe e v ing atC 
pr a wpek'a illneaa. 

The mortgage will be buntf.' Sun- 
day morning Aug. 5ih. Ton arc cor- 
dially invited to be present. 

time to '-preach 


v. Shaw pactnr. »f MetropolIUn 
Church, baa gone to Miaaiaaippi for a 
little .vleation and alao to visit hit 
mother an.l a very nick inter. He will 
he bark in the e 
for aa on 9unda; 

The Bev. Dr. Martin being left in 
barge during the abaenee of the pea- 
tor* haa he-enable to keep up quite a 
large attendance. We werebfeaaeii with 
i smils coming nth the. chnr<-h on 
both Sunday -morning- and nigbt. 
The-Woman.'a Home and FoVeign hfuv 
maiy Society, let hv Mra. Field-, will 
i" a special aevraon preached, tn them 
by Dr. Shaw on Sariday afternoon at 3 
o'clock. ' I 

: appeal by tie Redemptmn of 
Soula Spiritualiat Church No. 2, «I5 B 
Beanmonl St., to the public an I 'out 
y'friea.d» to help ua in our efTort to 
hnild a chureh on our third anniv -aary. 
Auguat S to i\ incluaiTe." Bementber 
the greait work. Of our great m.dixuu, 
Julia Johnaon. Please he)p aa. 
We shall, by tbe heFp of God to greater 
work in St. Louis and throughout t^e 
world. Meetings, Hunday, . Tu"«day, 
Wednesday and Friday, 8 p,-m. 

Bonday waa another aaeeesefnl ■imjf at 
£1 Bethel Baptist' Choreh. The -indsy 
school U still progressing; and waa 
largwy attended. Bev. Oti« ofV-jjt St. 
ua on last ~ ndar 
rjvery i.™ enjoyed hia splenSid lemfrka. 
Mr. Keet waa another welcome -iaitor 
ir midst last Sunday. The nGe- 
'"itrSe elected the folbiwing om 
cers: Mrs. Maggie tdwarda, pr- - -dent; 
Mm. A rnie - Hillard, - secretary : Mrs. 
Mary Tnokits, aasiatant secretary; 
Mrs.' Maggie Btovatl, tnawarer: Mra. 
JoeJtBB Koaatiaa, Uach 
praise, fcaa .been givea tbow wbe rea- 
dereii the eaeattaat program - a . the 

ag of the & T. jp.-JB. last Ssja-k> 
d*y eveaiag. Mrs .Albert Shivera, Dis- 
i present and jnadk) 
talk. Aw .- z the 
vuntora laat Sundav were:- Be*, and 
Mrs. Cnaaeaoa aad sea aasl.htra. 0. A. 
Perry., ear "pMtsr't wife. Bei Creah- 

! aje glad to report the rapid prog- 
ress of Leonard A,ve. Baptist Church 
under the aplcndid leadership of Rev. 
Dunnavant.* Services were enjoyed on 
laat Sunday as nsusl. Every, one ia 
viled to attend the Antioeb District 
Association whirh will convene at Pleas 
ant Oreen Baptiat Church, for the An 
ual Session,' August I'. Every depart 
lent of the church will be well repre- 
sented, showing a better report tban 
that of last year. The Sunday school 
and chorch held tbeir. annual onting 
Thursday July 10, which was the best 
In history of the church. Three bun- 
dled persons 'Were present and fifty gal 
Ions of Jemonade, dinner and fifteen 
gallons of ice irream were given av.-ay 
The two thousand dollar rally is get 
ting afong. nicely.' With each Sunday, 
comes new pledges and pledge-money. 
A strong indication that the victory will 
be onra. Rev. P, W. Dunnavant, pajitor. 

Bandar seaooL tiSO a. .m, 
11 a. Ha, aad 8 p. m. Yo 

Boatitlaa, s to Tiio. 

IVwsaay, S Mat. Bev, William H. Peck, 

If. E. rAareh, St. F-r* Karthara BaptM -flank 000 a Ew- 
laf Ave.-au.aday service, pray.r >!)■*■ 
t-g, 0:30 a. ca.; preaskiag, 11.10 fc sx, 
•a* « ^ m.j Saad.y-sehooL f . m _, 

f J* P ' - 8a ° * **> * ta- * 0b ^ " 
TiM p. m. each Monday; pree^alaf, ■ 
P- «. each Wednesday; prayer sseetlag \ 

•ivKsaskleglaV. 'aW^.a^ 
Ua, pastor; raetdeauM, 1710 Mills. 

Ward Chapel A. M. E. Chnrah. Kht. 
1:30 p. m.; Than 
■vfiO p. av J, V. Oar- 

■eaa. Mo.— Sunday, Preaching U a. m; 

St. Peter.' A. U. 
at and Ifanbfomery Sts., Sunday: 
Preaching, 11:00 a. m., and 8.-00 p. 
ax SausoaywdMol, 2 p. m. 

Bev. S. a Pitcher, pasto-. 


M29 K. 12th St. 

Rev. J. P. Kicbols preached a won- 
derful sermon, last Sunday, tbe "object 
was "Prayer. ". Dr. Morris and mem- 
bers assisted Bev. Johnson of Brooklyn, 
111., with his rally Sunday afternoon. 
All. reported a delightful time. There 
wore nine members ndded to the church. 
The sermon delivered by tbe pastor 
Sunday night was well felt by all srfco 
heard his grea.t remarks. Every heart 
throbbed w.ith sacred emotion '» he 
pleaded en earnestly with'them from hit 
subject "Tbe Lord is a Man^of War.V 
The public is invited to attend our serv- 
ices. Rev. D. W. Morris, pastor. 


' Bev. 
Marks ^ 


\latork, pastor of St. 

:, Church ha* returned 
from Conference and has returned his 
work here- for another year. He was 
received with a hearty wehWe. The 
services laat Sunday were enjoyed by 
all nnd were largely attended- Rev. 
Alstork was at his best, rooming, end 
evening. He preached a wonderful ser- 
mon on "Mercy and Justice. " The V. 
C. Endeavor Society is making rapid 
progress, with Mrs. Maude Knight 
president. A large number is in atten- 
deace each Snnday evening. Mr. Kirk, 
S65S Bernard St.', is eo'uvaleseent after 
an illness of several wee**, 
lie Jones of 2741 Randolph St.. is still 
on the alck list. A special 
extended to all straogeTi/' coming 
city, to worship with ua. . 

M. Mark! A. M, E. Kent C-arah, 
LeftngwiB aad Bernard Bt.-Bervieea 
at 11:00 a. m. fionday-achool at 1:00 
p. m. Class meeting, Friday evening at 
1:00. Hevetend >'. W. Alstork, the pta 
tor, will preach apeeiat eermona, morn- 
ing aad evening;, 

QUINN CHAPEL A. at "t Charch. 
121 Bowen St. Preaching.- 11:00 a. m. 
aa*i*»p.BL Sundayachool. 9K» a. 
Chua m ccting, Thn rvday. . 

Rer.T.U Wataao. Paate*. 

BETHEL A. M. E. CHUBCH, fill* 
WeBa Ava^Preaahlng; Sundayi, U a. 
■-, and S p. m. Sunday School, 1 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Thursdays, 6 p. 
av Rev, E. L. Clarka, paator. 

ch, pit 

Wayman A. M. K. Chureh 
Wash Street. — Preaching LVlC 
8 p. si. Endeavor 0:30 p. m. Class 
meeting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer meet- 
ing Thursday, 8 p. m. Rev. A. a 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1:10 p. m. 

aOSO Falrfai Avs,, 
' Pleaching Sunday 11:00 a. m. and 
8:10 p. ol Sunday sehool at J:30 p. a. 
Mid-week aarvieea Wednesday and Fri- 
day evenings. Bev. J. H. Oden, Pastor. 

"2*e*as seaeav.. u a. m. aaalS 

ss-av/.tr: - 

Second Baptiat Chare-h, IPalneh 

»d l-S. aa.; 8uaday-e«kool, 1 p. a.; 
Waakly ateetiaaa, Wa4naajay and Fri- 
daya, 8 p . a. B«v . a. P. Ha»xJ4Tnetor. 

Mount Olivo Baptiat Church, 11*0 
H. Uth Street— Praaehlag every Ban. 
fcBVtt a. at, « „■■. a„d S-a. ■.; 

««»<n»y^ehooL 1 n, a*.; a t. P. U., «:M 

£•*.; Mission .Cirale,. fourth Sunday 
each month. Bay. D. W. Morria 
Paator. ~* 

Aatloeh Baptiat Church, North Mar- 
ket and (rood* Ave. Piaaehian; Baa- 
day* st 11 a, at. and I p. sn. Buaday 
Sahool at 1 p. m. a Y. P. C. at 0:50 
p. an. Prava* saaattag, Wednesday at 
■ P- aa. Qommunion Bervteea, Seeoacl 
Bonday la each month. Bar. Wat. L. 
T.mtD. Pasasi. 

Third Corinthian 


streets.-- 8und 

Flrat Baptiat Chnrah of 
Mo.— Bonday, preaching 11 a.' 
S ' p. m . Bnnday-eehool at 10 a. m. 
Bible reading at 0:30 p. m. Weekly 
eieetiuga. Tuesday and Thursday at 8 
p. m. Communion, second Sunday la 
each month. _ Rev. P. Hopla, paator; 
L. Brown, elirk. 

Leonard Avenue Baptiat Church: Sd 

a Leonard A ve.— Sunday, Preiehing 
11:00 a. m. and B p. m. Sunday 
•esool 1.00 p. a. a T. P. V. 0:00 p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wednesday night. 
Rev. P. W. Dnnavant, Paator, 
S749 Walnnt 

Union A. M. E. Chareb, Wabeta' 
Oroves— Services at 11 a. ^u. and 7:3 
b Sabbath Scboo.I 9 a. m. Bev 
I. Pearson, Pastor; A. J. SaDndern 


Last Sunday- was i great day at Lam 
Tabernacle. Pronjitly at 11. Bishop 
Jamison mounted tbe rtistrusn and be- 

irhich his hearers are so well acquainted. 
His voice arose with tbe depones* of 
his sermon, which was one to be lonjr re- 
membered. Snnday evening the Bishop 
was present 'and 1 made manv encourag- 
ing remarks. The Morning Star Snnday 
Sehool Class chartered a-special ear and 
stormed one of tbeir members in Kirk 
wood, Mrs. Annie Oreen. Bev. Smith 
wilt fill the pulpit at each service, Ban- 
day. - Seat Wednesday evening there 
•ill be a grand trotley-ride given by 
the ehareh. All members* and friends 
invited. Cars will: leave ■ yea de venter 
and Fairfax Ave, at !*:+* p. m. 

WIVE WASTED. — A good Chrjstian 
:in>i n desiring a good home and an 

industrious husband. appV 3010 P^ne 

Street, Mr. Memphis. . 


One huodreoV rooms »ow open to Col- 
ored people. Bates "ifl cents: 11 daily. 
ITU If weekly. Two room honse- 
leeping unites.' Sit hatha 
With. 81,000 cash or property. Write 
Yemen,' 131 Wihuh Am. 'Tucago. 

the litk chapter it St. John. Mr 

ITS? Hickory Bt, aft*. 
Ethel Cooper. . SS31 Beraare Shi, Mam 
~ Liidsay. 40M thkak Ave, Paeaw 

Al- 1 UadaB SO !*-a . 

Aabnry Memorial M. E. Chureh,- 4SS1 
Cottage Ave. Buaday school, 0:30 a. 

■■; preaching 11 a. m . and 8 p. m. 
Epworth League, T p, m. Claaa' -awet- 
lag and Bible claaa, Wednesday, 8 p. 
m.' Bev.W. W. Optt, paator. ,■ 


Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praaeh- 
ing 11 a. in. and I p. is. Bible Bud 
St 5:30. Prayer sendees Thnrsday 
nights. -Bev. E. Foster, Paator. 

Bedemption of Bonis Sptritaal Chuah, 

prayer msating, 5 p. m. Pleaching, ii 
a. m, 3 p. m, and 8:30 p. m. Bonday 
school, 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tues- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth Sunday in .each month Co.en. 
ant aad Commuoion. Bev. J. W. Hall, 
paator; M. C, Croaby, clerk; Pet. 
Brown, treasures. - 

preaching 11 a. m, and 8 p. m. S«u- 
day-aaboal, 1 p. a, -B. Y. P. U. 7 p. 
■s. "ayw meeting, Friday 8 p. ,m. 
Covenant aad Lord's Supper, fourth 
Sunday Jib. Mi.siou Circle Prayer 
Meeting third Friday, 8:30 p. in. Bev. 
E. Calvin Cola, ; paator; 8111 Fair Ave. 

Corinthian Baptiat Church, 4eS 
Aatelope, Sunday Prsaching, U:00 a.. 
m. aad t:00 p. m. .Sabbath school 
10:00 a- m.; a Y. R5j& 8 p. m. Wed- 
aesday: Preaehlng t:M p. aa, Friday: 
Prayer Meeting, 9 pm, hfileioa aerv- 
ies, third Friday, p. as. Boalnssw 
■" r rl a g Friday btfora ike fourth 
Lord's day in each moats. Bev. Wnj. 

Mt. Olive Baptiat Chureh No. I, 110J 
Morgan Bt Buoday, prayer meeting, 
8 a. av; preaching, 11 a. m, 3 p. m. and 
8:30 p. m. Sunday-aehooL 1:30 p. m. 
Prayer aWSSaaJg aad Meant! Oattat. 
Tnasaay nlghL Prayer aad pralas 
saeathac, Friday nlghL Third Bonday 

The Christian Spiritualist Chnrah haa 
moved from £330a Wash St., to SIT N. 
Leonard Avenue. Services every 
Tuesday and' Friday ' at 8:00 pi m. 
Catch Hodiamont ear, 'get off at 3300 
Franklin Ave., walk north to SIT K. 
Leonard Ave,, Mr. and Mra. Crankahaw. 


school service 10 i. m, efiureh s e r r l ue a 
11 a. in. and 8 p. 
Meeting, at S. p. m. Wednesday and 
Thnreday. Seaaea at 8 p. av Taaadsy 
and Friday. Mra. Julia Johnson, ora- 
cle; Bev. Jamae D. Miliar, . |>aator: 
■enry Qreea, president; Miss A. L. 
Voorhiea, aaaiatary. 

Ava. Bnasny, 

a. m.: probing, 11 
Bnaday-eehoel 1 p. 
S;30; Wednesday, 
Friday, prayer meet- 
ing ■ p m.-. Missionary Boeiety, trat 
aad, third Tuesday in each month at 8 
p. am. Be*.' Davtd Tyler, pastor. 

prayer meeting 
a. at, aad > f- 
m.; a T. ' P., 

fi»S2 Papia Street. Preackiag, asaead, 
third aad f oorth Ssnchtya ia eaah 
moats, it 11 i it. aad, 8 p. -m~ -Sus- 
day sehool I p. m. : C. E. BawMty, 8:30- 
p. st. Preaaaiag Weshseaday eight. 8 
p. k. Psayn mssliag Pi Ids y laa 
Ceaamaaloa aarriaaa second Saaday 'in 
month. Bev. A. H. BoatM, pas 
pheme Cestrai lltS or ODvs 1870, 
aay thaw frcoa « a. m. to. 13:30 p. aa. 
aiad t p. av u 3:30 p. ■. ■ . ' ' 

rf"~ Baptist Charea, 3*40 hi ^e- 
kat aaesahay saaeel »:»» B. BV Ptea*> 
faag. 11 1«0 a. m. B. Y. P. C, •:» p. 
tioo p. av athawsik 

Mount Zion Baptist .Church, 2624 

Papiii St, Sunday: Preaching, 1.1:00 
a. m. and. SM p. m, Sunday-school' 
1:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, Friday. 
1:00 p. m. 

' P. 


Hon, Thursday, 8 p. av Day School, 
every day, B a- a. -3 a. a. Bar. Q. A. 

The <Chaash al Ood and Sedan of 
Christ, aOM Flaaey AvenBe^-Berviaea 
Sunday at 7:30, -Wedaeaday at 7:30. 
Friday at 7:30 Batorday (Sabbath), at 
U a. av aad rest of the day. Elder J. 
S. Anderson, pastor. 

Communion of Bonis Spiritaal Choreh- 
hold. their regular a er vieea Sunday 11 
v rr.. aad % p. ol. Lyceum, iO a. m.\ 
eaaane Tuesday and Friday >~i *, p. m .- 
eoadocted by Mm Caroline Armitaad' 
aad M. .Antoinette' Howard, ft N. it:,, 

Howard, a N. paster; Mrs. Carrie Par- 
mm, aaatstsat Bsmfca, iatl Lkcae Art 
Phone, Cent. X1SB. 

Caloa A. hL a Chare k. Shady aad ; 

Tsa se l a-Avaa, Bev. W. H. I^emsa, 
Paat s r; J. E Bamdava, Ser^etary sni 
Ba imla aaadaa t af Sandav. ssaooL 



/"Y *- 



Um Floys Davis of -do* & «erri 
Ave., ii slowly improving, after ha 

•a o( several day*; 

Mrs. H. U Wnle at 829 CUnt- Ay*., 
hsi returned home from, in extensive 
trip U Kentucky and 

Mr. . Clarence Haywood of Mobil*, 
Ala. , enrente to . Chicago, 111., spent m 
fiwllp with hit broth*™ in thi* city. 

Muter Charles Evan* left Sunday for 
Martinaburg, and Vandalia, Mu., wktre 
be will visit Trim i ire*. ' 

Mn. Polly Bush of 8315 Well* Ave 
Is spending bar ' vacation with her 

daughlera al Ausuili, Mo. ' .. . 

Mr. Jas. Jeuia of St. Charles, Mo 
■put a f*W day* with, Rev. and Mn 
tlibson, last week. 

Miaa Marie B. Eaton, of 4378a 
Lucky SI., departed .Sunday for Chi 
eago. 111., to vitit her sister. 

Miaa ElUa Aliunde r, of Durant, 
Miaa., ia the goeet of relatives, Mr; 
aad Mr*. Stanley Fultilovc, 4088* 
■ Lock? Street. 

Master Leverette F. Jones, of 3017 
Lafayette Ave., loft Saturday, July 11, 
for Bolivar, Tenn., to spend the mm 

- 11m. Lindsay, of 51 62. -Minerva 
Aye., *u called to Detroit, . Mich., a 
few days on business.- She will ra- 
tiirn Monday, Jnly 30. 

Mr*. Amelia Mayo, of Owensboro, 
Ky . la visiting her daughter, Mjn. 
Aaron Mathews, 23J4* Walnut Street. 

Master Harold Taylor, 4232a Fairfax, 
ban returned from McKit trier,, Ho., 
where he visited hia aunt. 

Mrs. Sarah Washington. 3311 Frank 
tin Ave., died Monday Jnly S3. The 
ramaina were sent to Perry, Ohl*. 

Union Memorial Sunday school will 
hold Ha annual picnic August 11, at 
O 'Fallon Park, d round No. 1. 

The I'nion Memorial Tennis Court, 
2811 Laclede Ave, is filling a great seed 
by affording a recreation field for the 
Central District. ' Challenge* fo[ 
matches invited. A- Wilkin* and ii. 
Wilkins, manager*, 2814 Pine St., or 
'phone Bomont 1004. 

Mm. Sapp of Nashville, Team., spent 
two weeks in this city as the guest Of 
her aiat er, at 90S Elliott Ave. She de- 
parted Tuesday- July 34, to visit rein 
lives in Kentucky. 

Mr. William Springer, of the A. ft t. 

.Slate College, Nashville, Tenn., wan. a 
pleasant cell*r,Bt the Argue office, laat 
T honday. 

Miaa .Sadie Hunks of Port Gibson, 
lisalaaippi, after spending Ave weeks 
i summer school at Tuakeegee Inst, 
I now visiting her Aunt Mrs. Mattie 
ams, 107 N. Churning Ave. 

r. and Mrs. J. Orr, of 3536 Lawton 

Avenue are "pending their vacation in 
the Eaat. St. Pan], Detroit and Chi- 
cago are included in their trip. 

Mr. Chas. Evans, Jr., 442S Lucky fit., 
left Sunday morning July 22, far Mur 
tinshurg and Vandalia, Mo., where he 
will visit relatives and friend*. 

His* Bernicc Porter, 3211a Lawton 
Ave, left July 19, for Louisville. Ky., 
where she will be the gu*at of 


Emanuel Buibcrry .8315 Polk 

Helen Saeed ....831B Polk 

Arthur Wilson ..MM Franklin 

Elvira Farra ..,.-, 2025 Franklin 

MitahaO Harvest' 4588- Cottage 

Mia. Fannie L. Alexander. 4388 Cottage 
Oscar W. Richardson. ... .2901 Lucas 

Mabel 0. Soggeraon 2820 Ladedo 

fern William* ' Alton, III:' 

Dora Woods E. Bt, Louis, HI 

CLauda. Cannon . 212 S. 10th 

Mrs. ■ Josephine Bynum ....212 8. 10th 

8am Smith .2712 Morgan 

Teener Qrifln . . . ,2712 Morgan 

Eddy Porter 2622 Clark 

Mrs. Elizabeth Irving ....2822 Clark 

Pearl K. Hamilton lll»N. 17th 

-Ora B. Broner 1118 N. 17th 

George Bryant ... E. St, Louis, HI. 

Mn. Lata Williams . . . . E. St. Louia, III. 

Allen O. Heal 2933 Clark 

Mrs. Ida Carlton .Memphis, Tenn. 

Ed. Lewis Fort ■. .4053 Finney 

Mrs. Lena Martin. .4720 W. Minister PI. 

Elijah Binion ...'.1238 N.loth 

Eslon Dunkin 1238 N. 15th 


Lobie Wilscm 3225 La. Salle 

Laeial-EUiea 4055a Chouteau 

Ben. H. Perkina ....Villa Bldge, Mo. 
Cora C. Watklna ..;.... .Xabadie, Mo. 

Mr. Jerry Kineblow of Danville,. Ill 
spent several days' with hia niece, Mn. 
W. C. Davidson, 0153 Bertha A've. 

Mrs. Q. W. McDonald. 3435 Law to 
Ave, left the city lut Tuesday 'or EJ 
Paso, Tex., where she wu called to the 
bedside of her sister, who ia critically 

' Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. Marshall of 
4411 St. Ferdinand Ave:, aroithe prood 
parent* of a fine baby girl. Mother 
and baby are doing tine.. 

Miss Jennie Davis, daughter of Mra. 
Jane Davis, 4217 W. Belle, died 
.Wednesday-evening, after a brief ill- 
ness from scuti- -indigestion 
mains were talen to Troy 
burial Friday. 

The re- 

Miss Louise. Russell,' 2S54 Indiana 
Ay*., entertained eight girls with an 
eight-course luncheon., last Saturday 
evening from . 4 " to 7. Out-of-town 
ewmj were tfcs Mnntea Dorothy and 
Helen Las, of Boston, astd Miss Robis- 
sea, of Mobiht, Ala., who i. the aoaae 
(•eat of Mm. aj>d Mr* W. a Mahsvnu, 

' The Apollo Cln"b members will give 
their fiftii annual outing, ».' Center 
Qrove Park, 1:1., Tuesday, A.ugast' 7. 
Mr. Kb, Thorn peon, of- Crittenden 
Avenue. - »,- host to the club July .'-• 

Mn. E. Willis and son, of 2400a Pen 
dleton Ave., sre speeding thsir' vsea 
in ' Memphis,. Tenn., Greenville 
Miss., and other points, as the gueati 
of relatives." 

■Mrs. E. J; Cloptoo,'M™, Caltie John- 
eon aud tittle son, James of 4202 Fin- 
ney- Ave., left Saturday morning for 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Mm. Clarence Moore of 105 S..Chan 
ning .Ave., has returned borne after a 
pleasant Visit with relatives at JJ>*h; 
ville, Tenn. • . 

Mr. A. E. Foot*', Ihe local batter, snf- 
fcred an aeeideat last week, which re- 
sulted in an injury to his right fool. 

He is much improved. 

The Oxford agents met at Oxford 
College, 4248 West Belle PL, Wadaea- 
dsy af^rnoon July 25; Special meeting 
Augusrlst, at 2:30 p. m. 


Lanvenia C. Smith, -2006 Pine... 
Edward Wilson, 4201 N. afarket...3S 

James Strode, 4275 Oarfleld. 47 

Rebecca Fall, 22J0 Franklin. ...'.^40 
Sarah Washington, 3311 -Franklin .. 28 

Elizabeth Braggs," 3029 Chay 

Charles And erson v 4328 l-2"Maffltt. .50 
Curtis Malonc, 1444 S. Jefferson.. 

Wise Porter, CnrteravUle OX 38 

C. C. Kitehen, 0317 Wagoner 

Wat. WUIinms, 2317 Walnut 

Go* Brown., 2835 Lucas 

Alfred. SVttt son, 2P.27 Pine .-.70 

Matilda Colliu* City .Hospital 29 

Maudel Jackson, 4410 MatHtt 20 

Pannie Williams, 2832 Clark 53 

Wm. Studiveat. 2331 Pine 54 

Isaac Jackson, 3418 Lawton Jg 

Elnora Conley, 4043 Finney 23 

Thomas Daogliterty. 1417 Pepin 39 

Amanda Offclt, 3709 I.ucu. .,..-., :37 
Tansey Rentes', 2100 Chestnut ,39 

F«C» » 

Mrs. E. Slaughter Gamble, 3001 Law 
him Ave., one of St. Louis' soeeeesfnl 
Business women is spending a few weeks 
in the south in the interest of ber busi 


A very interesting game of baseball 
waa played at OTallon Park Wcdnes- 
0>y July 25, between the ladles D f St. 
I'sli! and' Central Baptist Churches. 
Dr. T. II. Beddlsk, manager. Those 
known as St. Paul's team were: Mn. 
«.. B. Foisy, Mrs. Alice Pait, Misses 
Bertha Smith,.Ruth Amett, Leona Ball, 
Beatrice Jonea, Ethel Hicks, Myrtle' 
Jenkins, Jennie L. Crenshaw and B. 
Levy. Mrs. Clyde Bell Pntillo, captain 
Central Baptist will pliy fit, Paul Au- 
gttst 2, at OTallon Park, at 4:00 p. m, 


A nice audience enjoyed the program 
rendered by Mrs. Lillian Jeter Davis 
Jg Wheat ley Branch Y.. W. C. A,' last 
Monday-night, July 23. Aside farm 
her ttr* mafic readings, which wlrn jiell 
received, she rendered aevenl musics! 
nn'd literary 'numbers with unusual skill 



The Slaughter System 

"*- FOR 



System taught by mail or at College 

For further information, write the 



The funeral service* of Mr. Alfred 
Watson, B92T Pine St. who ' died 
Thursday, July -24, will' he held 
day, Jnly 29, from Lane Tabernacle 
at 2 p. m. 


Miss W- Blackwell and Miss Merrell 
of Memphis jnej guests of Messrs. P. 
Foster and-Reo. Chapell, of the Mary- 
land Hotel, at a Booker Washington 
Theater boi party Wednrsday night. 

ladies were also treated to.' 
tomobile drive through ehj>' 
Miss RlaehweQ waa on her way 
la. tic (Sty. W. J. 

In loving mjniory of our beloved 
mother, Permelia B. Hvne*. who de- 
parted this life July 31,"]91rJ.^ . 

Peaceful be your sleep, mother fleer, 
'tis sweet to breathe your name, in line 
we loved yiju dearly, iu death we do 
the same.; Sadly missed .by children, 
Haydie Bovkins, Raymond Hynes: 
Manuic Spriggs, .'sister; Cloud Beed, 


Mrs. TJlyses* Oolden, of 4322a Gar 
ftald A v.-.. entertained a few frienda 
ia beaor of Mr*. I. Lambert, who will 
depart for Oeveland, Ohio, at an early 
date. Jill en pressed themselves »> hav 
lag had a delightfnl time. 

Qraves, of 

Mrs. Vscto 
City. .Sans., was "the guest, of her 
eoueis, Mr. Oeo.' W. Draper. 3303 Law- 
tnn Ave., thenday, .111!* 10. Mra. 
Qraves departed' Friday morning for 

Mr. and Mrs. A, S. Lavigae. of 4231w 
Labadie Ave., have retaraed frees De- 
troit, Mieh., where they have been the 
gueats . of friend*. Mr. Lavigne left a 
few days ago to -visit- relatives Tn the 

Mr. l.illmn .lei-r Davjsv «f Net? Col 
!*■• of t>ntnrv, who resides at 'Fresno, 
Cat. sad Mr*. Chai.' Smith, of Cleve- 
!*5:L Ohio,'- wave the honored gueeta 
at Mra. Rats Davis Jones. 
Street, -at a prstt; 
from 4 ."ifi'tv' s-30 Thursday afteraooa 
"Jjsry I* ' 

The L-Davertnre Whi*. Club met at 
the reaidenee of Mn. Mary MeDaniel 

2»40 Laclede Ave., Tuesday July's* 
Whist and dancing featured the eve- 
ning- The guests were ushered into 
the dining romci whirS was beautifully 
feeorated with rut dowers and 'em, 
partake .of ii delightful luncheon. The 
neit meeting will he at' the residence 
of Mrs;. Bow Cummings, ,2731 Lawton 
Ave. Mrs,' B. Hopeon, president; Mn. 
M, MeDaniel. nce-jrreaTdeut: Mrs. Jen- 
nie, Pitts, secretary: Dr. MeOlelland, 

In loving memoir of out dear wife 
and mother. M.rr IKMa'rk. who de- 
parted this life July 20, 1914. 

Too are gbn* but not forgotten, dp 
in heaven, mother dear, with the an 
uTT gilt yon are -liapwy,' with the blessed 
parka, flav-ior rtear. 

Slaer/on dear mother, with the m. 
gela iji aswver I »in neon or late be 
"ith yon; aad oar two hearts meet with 
loan. SadJy saranem by fnarfly, Ernest 
Mark, Annie Z. Woodann,. .Tno, ■ W.- 
Mark and Catherine Mark. 

Mn. Helen Logan entertained the E. 
I- C. Club; of which she in a member, 
with a dinner In honor of her bVrahday 
July t. She waa presented with a hand, 
painted cake set, by the Onb.' Our 
resulai me^linpi. were held' with Mrs. 
Emma Dickson. 4420 Lnekr Bt.,. Jaly 
19; with Mrs. Battie.Patillo. 0179 Ber- 
tha At*., July (3. Thm» rsrport* have 
been delayed on account of the in 
near at our reporter, Mn. T.ncils Har- 
per. Mrs. Oele Calhoun, president; Visai. 
Idell rluhbert.' secretary. 


We wi*h to thank onr manv friend 
■for kindness aid sympathy shewn dai 
ing the recent illness and death ofou 
■lear husband <od father,: Thfts. B 
ftaker, who departed this life .Tulv S 
1917. We espeeiatly. wish to thank 
f*tmptt Fidelis I^tdg* .So. - 34 K. of 
P for *heir serviccn: X; *>f P. Cadets 
for fheir kindness; Rev, Mosei'ev for 
his word* of consolation; Mr. Harrison. 
mdertaker. for his efficient services 
nd the Masonic Lodge, also ibe manv 
sympathetic friends fej- the beautiful 
floral orT*rrt)K*. (Hirned) Mrs. Maadr 
Baker, wife; lleo. A. Baker, son. 

want to say to all well thinking 
Colored people, memben of the raee in 
n I have been interested for thirty- 
seven yean; every dollar that yon take 
white iiLf.rj. when there 1* notan 
Colored* man in the same . business 
should remind you of the East St. 
Louis riot. You should ilk yonrseif 
if you are not sharpening another 
sword to cot off your own head. I ap- 
peal not to the uncultured but the edu- 
cated Negroes, . those whom we have 
placed in front as leaders. 

We have about reached the crisis 
in our humiliated career. It is now 
time to bury all malice, envy and evil 
thoughts against eseh other and band 
together for our mutual .protection. 
Cut you show me where a dollar spent 
with a white man must eircujate your 
way! Ho. does not have to eome to 
your saloon, buy your groceries, eat in 
yonr restaurants, patronise your under- 
takers or professional .men. He visit 
your churches only when he is rjnnin, 
for office and would not ride with yoi 
pa the street car if he could help him- 
self. Yes, ws are aa far from eaeh 
■■i ber as the north pole is from tin- 
south.. It is time. to get together. Mora 
than. » half century of bitter eiperi 
pnee* are sufficient to open, our eyes 

After .11. r in>t to thank my «„ 
patrons for (2,500 worth of eaah and 
installment business for the month of 
JmbV Anyone in the surket for a 
piano or talking machine,'-! will ghid- 
|y take care of and give terms aeeord- 
ng to. their circumstances. Phone 
Bomont 17M-W. . Chas. B. Watkiaa. 
S Laclede Ave. 

Saint Louis, 


New and Used Furniture 




Se e me . . -B"- 4 - U buy elsewhere 

vmmMu J. A. SHIELDS, 
2607 Lawton Ave. >■■"'■'< St. Louis Mo. 

ajtd MAinrsL 

Aristotle Crochet CIsuY ouung 
)k place at OTahon Paih with all 

took place at OTaHoa 
%ssab*rs p r e* ra t: anal, 
aa their apses*. 
rim* paeytag 
Mr*. Ida Mm* 
Laara g, , M«ft*;. Secretary. 

-Thv.MVIroa* Art Club was revally'en, 
tertsJned by Mra. Ora Jones" on 
heaatlful ia-n of Mr*. S. "Alexander; 
IB LnAy UtS Bp *J*s ,Bl * S - After an 

af work, the club, listened to same very 
interesting remarks by visitors, Mra. 
Harris, mother of Mri Ora Jonea, Mt_ 
Hammer, and Mr*. Thooaa, after whiek 
a debehtfu! mefiii was served by the 
hostess. Th« meatiag ad)owrn*d with 
fourteen members to be entertained 
Aognat *. by Mrs. Jnnkasn, oa the lawn 
nf-'Vre. Jamea.,2711 Pine -■' Mrs 
Burtoa, reperter: -." -r 


' Bt tewJa aad 


Lena M*> 

ntsi i 

rove ■ aiasetly mam** 

M <>■■!>• 


13. at the aanha 


the- brtda's 

etaaisymrs. Da. sM Mra. 



WMauubr Ft. 



■ •re 

SB well pseaaad 

■ ill 



•aevtsaa- in tka 


thaa they 


' The Ladjeii' Xeedle Clob motored to 
sCniaefc .Park. Friday J uiV W; »sd waa 
royalty «,.(d at Ueks' Fate by 
Mrs.- >"ra =.-:■• F**«ant. After IsmamMl 
lag the regular In si n isa, the) ■sanhaan 
•erred a. bountiful repast. The mama: 
been were glad ta have Mra William* 
ae their guest. The nnrt meetiag wiH 
ha held with Mr*. Era* - 

The N.-rurtium Art Cluh met at the 
residence of Mrs. G.~W. Bahairsw, 1810a 
Coode AVe., with a large nsmbrr* of 
memben and' visitor* pre*ent. After 
the regular routine of work and 
aeas, the hostess served u* bounti'fullv 
with a delightful repast. Viniton of 
the evening were; Mra Terry, who ii 
spending a new maltha-" with he 
daughter. Mrs. Moore of 423BW Fin 
ney Ave., alto Meodaau* emiith, Bell 
and Fraiarr. Every - orie enjoyed thi 
apeedid remarks made , by Men. Terry 
aa'd other visitora. " The eluh memben 
wan aleaaed to welcome .the member: 
•hip af. Mra. Spencer All expressed 
thessaeJva as na'viag a dehghtfnl Time. 
The b*.t ssaeeing win be with Mn. /. 
W. Drawer?, 4040 Weat BeUe PI.. 
Tharsday Aagast M- Th* Xsstaranm 
Art Chsh will give their annual picnic. 
August 9, st OTallon Park. Mra. J. 
W.-Dfwsrery, pjnsidaat; 'Mra. B.i. Mc- 
Lanaars, secretary ; Mn Chas. C. Browa, 

FOK KALE.— fhrc-roonj cotlaKe oh 
fifty foot lot -for |l.-t00. Cash bbv- 

ment |100: - 

Aa eight- room Lawton Avenue brfuw 

for (2,500. Hutehins Inge, 

2W3 Uwtnn Ave. 

Mm* M 

M- Anlirnin, MUwUe, r«M 


By Days*' T. Baker 

Mn. Artie Reed of St. Loui* i, the 
p«tl of her mother. Mr*. K Boddie. 

Mr-Thomas Cayec had ■ pleasant so 
>>ura at home thi* week. * 

Mr. Chas.. Baker is altendinp; the 
'iraad ImlgeMf K. of F's.. at Hannibal. 
Mr, ''■'liiPoston-isspeBjinghis vacs- 
rJM with relatives in Rt. Louis. 

Howard Kmith-i* enjo*inE» short stay 
"ith home fplka '■ 
' Bar, E. L. MeCaMister of Sturgeon 
visited his parents Rev. juid Mrs. J 
M<-Calli*tcr the past week. etundav 
•"At he preached lo a very large ap- 
r'"eintive aadienee. R*v. MeCalli'ster 
i» a graduate of Oeorg* K. Smith Col- 
'■•ire, also of Gammon Them. last; at 
AtlasWa Oa. " >l " 

-Mr. Pe'rry Mwink, of- Banne Terre, 
was a'visitnr here laft week. 

M*. Lewis Smith went to Sew: Ma- 
drid Monday in answer te a message 
snuastaeing the demise, of a brother 
from the result ef being shot. . 

Messrs. Robert ^ffimeeon, Lewis Mir 
phy. atosea Bridge* and Sensual Burke 
if Fsatus spent Sunday hers. 

Mr. Elmer Bridge* is aipeeted henna 

(tejel Jeffenws City within a few days. 

Jnsg thirty *»e days mare of vaea- 

tJnul sad thes the yonlha will hie away 

<t> the calf of the seaeof beH. 


Will straighten. your hair without the 

in and grow it marvelously lon|j in 
n abort time, leaving a gloss' and shine 
like satin. Only 25 cents. 

Harris Dru^ Store, 

Mosby 's Drug Store, 

Harry 'HobbIm Drug Mlore, 

Street Bros..' Drog Store,' 

Bonder's Drug 9tore> 

Horlon's Drug Store, 

Surah -Finney 1'harmaey, 

Kinney Ave. Pharmacy, ■ 



BY MAIL 25c. 

Guaranteed to make the Hair gram 
try and be convinced like ethen. Crate 
Hair Oils have been registered in Unit- 
ed Stales Patent Offiri-, and guaranteed 
under Pure Food and Drug Law. 
Agents wanted everywhere. 
1721a Walnut Steel 
■host*. Bomont IISS.R, 3 1. Louia M*. 

Ani.iicaii Woodmen 
Daylight Excursion 

The American Woodmen, the new- 
c*t, Inrgest and' most successful or 
Bhiiiiatiori in. the World, Bill Hive a 
daylight, e.cur.ion to- Wushington 
Park, on the steamer (Icey Khglo 
Monday. August ft 'The boat will 
leuvc at 1(1 n. hi. ami will stop at 
Alton, III., encb way. Tti.und (rip ' 
tiekets, adults nnly M cents, children. 



1 ampeigner." has liwi encaged to 
direct. This will be- the flr.t day. 
light neuniea be ha* direeted ia 
twenty yearn. t 

. The euiiLm;! t.-.-, 'crnnsiits ef: T.--U ' 
tlentry, Biamarh l<avine. J. H. .Jon**, 
Dr. R. C. Haakell, J** T Bosh. R. j.' 7 

Malonc. Minnie Tor-tier. 
and- Catharine Kastmnn. 

N.i, -a 


Thousand of Colored folks are nail 
th.- : Vw Jprepantioi- Plough a Black 
ami. White. Ointment for clearing up' 
and bri B htenin»c their dark or sallow 
skins. Fu.lks-fook better with tttatdnth 
skin guneanda new, suft, light 1 akinia 
pbfee. Black and White Ointment is 
abo»t the , only _ preparalios that 
bleaches M wbtteain up dark akin 
such n.tijthi, delicate, heslthy tint 
to fool must anybody/ It also removes 
*H skin blemishes.^ a* bumps, pimples, 
rraaUea, tan ofskih wiro* of any kind, 
giving a lu-autif ul, . soft, smooth light 
ccnnplciipn to anyone. Bend- ^2Se 
(stamp* or coin) and receive a bo's by 
retnrn mail— ae* 5 bone* 1 for |l. Ad- 
dnsa Plough (.Theraicsl Co., Dept W, 
Memphis, Tenn.. Agent* are-making a 
gooil and easy living selling Plough's 
Black and White. Ointment. 



The St. Pa l A . MiE. Sunday school 
picnic will tahe place Thunday,. As 
gust 2, at O'Fatlon Park. ■ Tk* foi 
lowing amusements will be featured 
Volley and baseoali. teani* sad <n 
qnet game*, racee, drill* and ballooa 
Other Baa day schools »■* 
to participate ur- 


Prof:. I. Baker, .the iireat ins.tructot' 
of the '(ii-iman. language baa rorfoved. 
liis office. from 13> S.' Bwing Ave. to 
2«"0 Wash fll. 

I wish' lo slate that those who have 
received inst rue lions under me in 
proud of their knoalwlg* of the 0«r- 
man mngnag4\ There never was * better 
lime »Ken the negro race should seek to 
acquire ether Janguagcs, than now. 

Isomp may aak wfcyt -My answer to 
this ,-., ihe sign* t of the time suggtet 
thai you should. I In not *ay that you 
wouM like (n speak Spanish, French, 
Italian, tlrerk or any other language 
and never try in learn them. .That do** 
no. gooil Do n.,i wait lo ace *rhat Jos* 
wishes lo bX r^'sin what yon wish, 
apd lei John- d.. to suit- himself. If 
John .iocs not want to do iaything,- 
thenhrlr-arns nothing. 

Now if you want to learn the Oer- 
maa lahguage. I will guarantee that 
yoe can learj it *,ih my instructions^' 
Pwif. I.' Baker. 


LAWfBM - - nTOTABT ^tmuc 

Faeaai Kin. Can. 47U-B ' 

'The. gnat eaihuaiaem evidenced 
the. pupil* and the, cooperation, ef the 
church aoxiliane* promise to man* 
this the mo*i enjoyable outing of the 
season. All are- cordially invited. Mo- 
sic wiil be famished by the Odd Fel- 
lows Bnad. - £.' H. Thomas, General 
Chairman; B. W. Kenedy,- Ruperis- 

Df. W. B. Johaaon, Paatet, 

Tan,- yen eaa phase a** *i the Seek 
*r Washington Thea t er, eel wffl sail 
yea **>. The umber u aaBSaeat tKM. 

OOhfpAMT. ' " . 
All person*' whs lost nJstivee^at E. 
. Louis should- Ole their c>ims at 
c*.- Murphy BHg, E'ai. L**»h-ne 
Louis onVe, Mh anil Locust Bt. 
nee er*m have left the e.ty should 
ply to ihe nearest "office in thei* eom- 
mity. All claim* will, be t**aB*imataht -' 


The local -.oarmitie* wf the Ancient 
Cmfed Knight* aad Daugbun of Af- 
rica is nuking large pnpamtiaaa to 
ratertaja the delegates and v„, wr n 
who arill be in, attaadance her* dar- 
ing tie grand sessioa August «,'*«, I 
and S. 

Orand ' Master, ,W. Herbert Field* 
stated that this weatld eurpass aflpr*. 
atten dance aa defe- 
■ froni far-away 




Negro Business 





Personal, Business and Pro- 
fessional Cards. Business 
Chances. For Sale or Rent 
Houses. Stores. Flats, _ Be per 
line;-rniriLmum 15c. 

Help Wanted. Situations Want- 
ed. For Kent Rooms, Rooms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum Lie. 

Display A-l- 50c uer inch 
Special Ratei n4-time Ada. 


Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 

of Pianos Reed and Pipe Organ 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

- IImJ.««iiwi Y. af . C A- ■-WiM 
2702 La* ten An. St. Looai, 

ooiiVST'B Ultra sroaa 

The old Piaket store. Jeffenoa end 

Uwtm Aim. Cnl nU prieea. ~"- 
■ten te often Imitated, bat n 


4174 W. Belle. LindeU 63SS 
Will call ami fit you up '" ■ 
Frances Co'rael m:ido' to order. Front 
anil b»?k laces. 

FOB RENT.— F<nw room. bungalow 
■t £Wh Kinlocn Park. FW i-erticii- 
lan Inquire at *25B West Brit*. 

FOR KENT— XeaTly furtiisb.-ii 
10ms; private family:- all landers] 
rnieiimt. +43" W<W Belli- I'lsir 


respeettble. family, fur -gentle 
2715- Mil)*- St. (7-aj") 

FOM RENT.— Neatly furnished R 
with Jill modern conveniences, nentle- 

Slrrct. l'b"ne Bumont 1073. 

- {IS- 

FOR BALE.— Five room brick 
tn(je; hot end. oold water; gas and' 
bath, cheap. For partkoUrs rail to 
aae owner!, at 3533 6w*Jll Ave. 

FOB ■ RENT.— Neatly furniahod 
■rounis wilh*b»anl for grnttamen: home 
eookinft. 3311 1-2 .Law'toji Are- 
phone I.indell 2073 R. (T-27-L) 

' FOR RBNT.— Rooms CoBTfalaay 
CM tat man sod wife or single. Nice 
place to l.v... Anpl.r at 3411 l.aSel ' 
Street " - IT-SM.) 

Lindell 147W. 

jplp. I'tivate. 
Ula. 1'honcf ' 

WANTED.- -fiirl or roidJleace* 
lady in Qelwed family, ijond noma 
■ad small wage*. 4229 St. F.-rdinni " 
jCn., Mine, btott. (7 *M.l 

WANTFJi.— Three Colon*! children 
to board. BStfl Adams St.. MUs M 
Andoreon, St. Louie, Mo. 1.7-30-4.)',. 

FOR SALE.-- M*lern ' line If house 
awSSQnofc Ave, Sij rOoare, gaa ui 
eleetrio. 'Will hell .CDuti[i ' on easj 
term*. See Ad*, lift. St. Louia Argo. 
3341 Market. 

Sign Pnlntat ud Interior D> 

Flrst-Clesa WuL 

[ 3131 Fair Avecor, 



Licensed and bonded,, electrical 
funmciDi. We will wire your old 
ur new borne and furnish yuu fii- 
(urcj and «ivr yon lix .months toooi 
year to par for it Fam rested, lold 
and repaired. 

"The rone it red, , j 

The riolcti an bine,', 
[ need yOur work i 

And other* do too." 


irnm and riot Water Radiator 
A Specialty. All Kinds of 
Sloven Repaired. Call . . . 

E. M. 

4314-a Lucky St. Louis, Mo 


la atill at - 

2117 Market St. 

ree Cnniulration and Examination 

Honn- ''■■..',!) a. m. la *:30 p. m. 

Three-men largo, roiima, 110.50. Ap- 
ply. MS] Market 8t. - 

FOR . RENT.— Neatly f^rfnuhod 
room* "ilh all' modem, cunvpnienoee. 
iintfW Lueky. ' Street. . <?-BMl). 

FOB RENT.— Roobu, fumiahed or 
i furnished in first, class neightror- 
iod with all conveniences: close to 
ir line. ~ 3310a Luea* Ave. 

• .ai« ? {7-27-2.) 

FOR RENT.— Neatly fnroiahed room 
for ^qtleman -jaW. Hc<ard if deaired. 
BSSW (larfleld. (7-57^.). 

FOR RENT. Neetly furniabml 

rooma. modern^ to itn icooee. N"ar 
tares ear liaea Mr*. Cora Clark. 4lW 
Weat Ban*. "l 7-M, 

FOR BENT-Two ii i M I'tll ' 

at fo per moath. to .-,;■- -i- ; i 

l'TMN. Nawitead Ave. [J*J*4.) 

FOB BBNT— Neatly furniahad '*MBM 
Soot -roooi for "gentletnaii, 2417 Pine 

FOB RENT— Neatly furnieB*.! r 
■u otiet roomera; fur n»aa,only. 
aattdaea coa*eaiaoee*. PV>ae, LiDdeU 
Bella Fl. 7-4V4 


Spirit' Median 



Ton are hereby natlSed that a t 
tlonal oanveation of the Walker age- 
will d« held- in Philadelphia on A 
Bust SO, 31, inclusive. At- this mei 
ing many impeitant matters with r- 
erenoe to the future plana of theeoi 
paoy will bo diaeuaaed and upbuni- 

ii m . Wulk. r a iryeatlj intereatad 
her agenta, in their aueeanea and the 
failures, being extremely aniiuua 
help them, and ia now going over pla: 
for the placing of her groat mahiifa 
turing- enterpriaes on an uporatr 

i So that her agenta will (hare 
the profits of the aame," all of whir 
will be fully explained at the nation 
convention. ' • 

Madam Walker. haa offered five Bi< 
'Ired dollara (J5C0) in prizes whlahwi 

i veil out follows: To the *geul/ 
•ending in the' Largest number of ne>< 

agenta tfty drilara (»M); to the agent 
•ending In ta*T largeat nmaber of a*w 
agonU Over twenty-Hre {S$), one hoa- 
drad dollar* (SIM)'; to' the agent ■atl- 
ing the largeat amount of gooda, «nt 
prixa, levonty-five dollar! (*75), aeo- 
ond prize fifty doliara (ISO); to the 
agent returning tAra largoat niunber of 
empty bcutaa over one thooaand (1,000) 
twentr-ava dollara, (t£S), and to the 
club selling the largeat amount of 
good*, one hundred datura (tlOO) first 
priae, second prize, aevonty-flvo dollars 
(175), and third price, twanty-flve dol- 
lara (125). Thia contest wia> done by 
Augoat 1, 1B17. Priiei will bo given 
at lh« convention on August SO, 31, 
mciusive. ' All who wUb to enter the 
nonleat please lend their namee at once 
to the main office, 5*0 North Wen 
Street, aTnd i an apolia, Indiana, "that they' 
m»f be properly Uatod. An those who 
cannot enter the content .thia ynr an 
urged to arrange to enter It next year, 
aa tnia win be an annul affair. All 
who irtafa to axpeet to attend the na- 
tional convention^ write lira. Margar- 
et Thomr-on, 1504 North Twanty-fUat 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. , ' 

Madam C. I. Walker Mfg. Co. . 



! LifelnsuranceCo. 


Who Did Live t 
In East St. Louis call at Once + 



+ Policy Holders 



+ 91 1 Locor.. Str«t 


Metropolitan life Office 

Board of EdacalioB Bldf ., Room 404 4* 

..Murphy Building, 6th Floor.. * 

, East St. Louis, Illinois 4. 

Your Interest will be Looked t 
after ; J 

Policyhpldera in other cities, call at nearest office v * J" 

G. H. Karnshaw, Supt. J 

Telephone: St. Clair 663 ^ 

X-f + + **+ + -f-l"f++ f9if +++*+++ -IrX 

See Scenic Colorado 


The American Woodmen Special 

. Via The 


AOLBDB, MeT- -Large, fDraiahaa, 
mi raeaa, with gee, light, yaoae, aat 
,ath aad Utehea: eenyasakaisaas ; ta ta> 
awatahle eeaple or radtati: IS pec 

Jo tKe V 

Fourth Quadrennial Session of the Suprene 
Camp of the Order' tf Amerieu Wo«dmen 


ah^teaaaa mi ."« » ' '-" - ~»- 

iaeeat.n e»ia«lw»a'iasw.— saSae 

B isi m ii 1 f i a» aC SS & w— S 1 ii ' i XT . 

FOB- BBKT— Neatry_ faraiehed raoau 
.-■.1 i-ii— :!»:.■! - t.easa, er t>* a s»Ui- 

>k^K a : «« 


aaaa All eeeivaaieneea. Pane* LiaaWJI 
UffSB. Affly 4fsBa Oa«h A n -Un. 

FOB SALE. --Denhie f raat. 

■ryiawis Ladaaa* and Men a Apparel 


1ts> ItsaTaT IT.-jho 

Taey wilt .aba hsaa jwm mhj u hay 

Denver, Colorado. August 13-18, 1917 

Round Trip fare St. Louis to Denver, Colo., Tie' Pueblo and Colorado 
Springs, .27.50. lower berth fare in sleeping car orne way only, 82.75 
A. special aide trip ticket frorj) Denver over the wondetfal "Switz- 
erland Trail' of America" will be given free to the delegates and 


Special Train via the Missouri Pacific R. R. will leave St. Louis 
Union Station at 9:0P a. in . Saturday, Augitst 11, 1117. Any one 
wishing to take advantage at thia splendid trip may secure detailed 
information, beautifully illustrated Colorado literature, etc.. by 
calling or attdreasiagV 

^SfF or J. M. GR«TlN r Gea'l Agent atssessm f aafic, 
311 North Broadway. 

B J; KNOX, SupervUing Deputy Order «f 
American Wa»o«imen, 3524 Lawton Avenue. 
Phone, Undefl 1904. 

Everything Yon. Buy Frws n jfc vygTC rr. ton Entire SatislactieP 

:hr wassyask m se a r mrrekiajjn*, ■— ■ fand la read- 

up- ta. mnrW c^h^T^uf^l-S^^^ ^^ 








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20« N. Jafloraoa Ave. ' St. Louie, Mo 


Will Proihote a Pull Growth of 
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East India Hair Grower 

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Price Sent by Mail. 50c: 10c Extra for Poataga 


1 Hhampoo. 1 1't-m.Iiw Oil. 
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fur Sdli ex. R.eo. 
JSe Extnfir Paefajc 

S. D. LYONS, Gen. Aft., 314 E. 2d St 
Oklahoma Cry, Okie. 



1 Basket for-- ..■.._—-.— 

6 **' '** -—--—. _- 

13 _,.— :_^-.;____-__^_. ..;„ 
28 " ** .— r —~ :....... 

CALL. rHONE OR wint 

-; 1. K. Banks and Watkina 

a'lS J. LeffiaaweU. 412 S. UFfL.r-.ll. 3W S. £->.[ 

- 1,0 Ceota 

.—.1.50 * 

- -,-*1.0P 

S2 ; 00 


Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
$2.35 per day for ref-Jar men who will 
wor(e steadily six days per week. ■ 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co 

52M Manchester.'* 

For Sale 

-■-U * ' •■ ; -' 

Twenty Lots in South Kinloch 
Direct from owner Cheap. See 

*r • "»r." ajar.. 
J. E. MitcheJJ, Argus Office 

.,', »M1 l**rhe« Strewt, " , & 



1 *. 

LOOM urn 

Have aTtiought 
of God 

hf <* in oik mffid. udihc 
eaa turn nimT And whii bat aoul d Mlt . 
**■•*■ that h. doath.-Job trill 

■ If" ft ■ twtcMnc of too Bible that as 
to men God la not Id «tt U 



(tfravrtsat, 1»1T. wwni»iwm« Hi 

Tha popular view 
1*. that we have 
no atheist- 
a tuong na la these 
days, bat mm la; 
true only from 
the standpoint of 
theory. Practical 
', however, 
a b o u d d on all 
•Idea, and' few 
live as If there 
were a' Gpd to 
wbom tin/ are 
accountable. Socb 
Ignorina; of God 
men ns ruin to the Individual and to 
the community. Amidst tbe hcruniti- 
latlon of the. ordinary care* of life' and 
lis pleasures and the frequent extra- 
ordinary calls made on man aa a mem- 
ber of society, be often becomes ao 
overwhelmed that he doe* not appear 
to have time to get Ood. In hi* thoughts, 
and It wins m if man everywhere In 
there awful time* 1* thus troubled and 
deserves our kindest consideration. 
Why Think of "Osd* 
The Drat suggestion Is that Ood la 
what he is. in the (eit he- 1* represent- 
ed ea having purpose and that It fa 1m- 
poaalble to change that purpose : every- 
thing he- purpose* Roes through to the' 
end. Ood himself claims that hia-coun- 
ael shall stand, aod he Is the Brat and 
he Is the last, and beside* him there l* 
no other God. - He **ka of men that 
they be still and know that he is God, 
and he. win-be exalted In the earth. He 
lakes up the .laland* of the sea as 
a very tittle thing; AH nation* before 
' him are as nothing and vanity, and he 
altteth upon the circle of tbe earth 
and tbe Inhabitant* thereof are aa 
grasshopper*. Paul chlded the 1 Intel- 
lectual Athenian* because tbey seemed 
to .think, Ood like unto gold and silver, 
and Job aald In ancient time*, th*t a 
man 1* foolish who strive* against Ood. 
for he doe* not give account of any of- 
his matt era. and again aod again doe* 
the Bible represent God In bla.lnllnile 
creative power a* speaking, and ma- 
terial .things, worlds, and Dulvcrsc* 
even spring into being.. 

The proper thought of Ood will take 
away the despair that often come* to 
men a* they contemplate the world 
about them. -Never in the history of 
the race were /the affair* of men' In 
■neb ruin a* today. .The world seem*, 
aflame. Material thing* seem to be 
dissolving and higher thing* held dear 
to" nan seem to be going down In 
universal crash. Millions of. men are 
dying or are mangled In battle, fun 
lion* of women- and children are Stirl- 
ing, and there 1* chaos everywhere, bnt 
over It all God rale*. In the dark mo- 
menta when President Lincoln wa* 
stricken down by the nwaisln's ballet, 
Conjtrnwman Csrflelrt, afterward* pres- 
ident, aaid In New Tort. "Cloud* and 
darkness sre round about hits, rigbt- 
eousne** and Judgment ire the habita- 
tion of hla throne." Ood was not asleep 
when the bullet of Booth crashed'lptP 
the braia of tbe president. God 1 * 
throne in the midst of the cloud* and 
tbe darkness did not even feel a 

Oed In National Affair*. 
- Furthermore. G<~l Is In sll the affair* 
of life, whether man regognlxes hi* 
presence or not. When Victor Hugo in 
"Le* UlseraHM" wa* seeking *n ex- 
planation of the battle of Waterloo-be 
aaked. "Wa* It possible, tor \^» poison 
to win the battle?" We answer la the 
.negative. Why? On-acrount ofWelllng- 
ton. of ill::- tn i T ,No, on scennnt of 
Ood. . . . Nipolt-nn bad been de- 
nounced In Infinitude. *!)% Ill* fill 
decided. Waterloo was DOC a !.a:;i<-; 
It was the transfocmatlon "of a unl- 

-.T****.*- ' »«***»* it. .**■- . 

Gettysburg Is considered the plrotaj 

battle of the Civil war and "if occur* 

, very- frequently' In tbe story -of that 
three day*' conflict. If General Lee 
had attacked Howard'* broken 'cusp* 
on July 2 ; If, General Warm had not 
■Dfobrrrd order* ' In . occupying Utile 
Round Top ; .if the Confederate- general 
Johnston had aserehed In the darkness 

' • hnlf.mile .farther.' tbe l**ne of' that 
battle might have -been, very 'different. 
How explain?, . The only explaulMo 
I*, God wa* U it, Snppoa* the angnty 
army of Oeroianyhad not been sudden- 
ly stopped at tbe Mirw. what -would 
have occaxred? Some' ay aaget* in-' 
farmed, bat wheth.-r they did or sot, 
tha azntasatloo l*A-t«nJ. > 

We.ab.Jald think of Ood beraoie 
tbareby .tha highest Ideals of maoVes- 
■staaem whether-** aa" individual or ■» 
a member of a eomaianlly.'wtU be real- 
laid, la taaac daya when the indtndaal' 
anil, it t* 
Gad ha* alwacf* 



LESSON TEXT— Isaiah is-i-li 
OOLDKN TEXT-Beak „ u,, u,^ 

wfalU.ha may be round, call re upon him 

whUa ha I* near..-!**. BA 

The Bible la throughout a forward 
looking book. No matter bow, dark 
the light it look* forward to the dawn 
of a new and belter day. Whenever 
written, the prophet looks- forward to- 
ward tha end of the Babylonian exile. 
Isaiah died about 1*2 year* before that 
event That aceae la laid In Baby- 
lonia, laaiah prophesied in Jerusalem. 
I. The Invitation,' (vr. 1-8) In or- 
der to understand tho fullness and 
blessedness of tbbi Invitation, we 
should read In lie connection chapter* 
S3 and 04. In chapter 53 we hove a 
prophecy and vision of the Messiah, 
making his atonement ., for jins, 
"wounded for our transgressions." 
Again we hnve In this connection * 
picture of the Messiah ns our -leader 
and S«.vlof. In chapter « we have 
the Invitation and joyous welcome to 
the beeVlful city which he la estab- 
lishing for us. 

(I) Who la Invited? The word "Ho" 
la perhaps an abbreviation of the 
word "Hold." used to excite attention. 
Thli Invitation- is extended to every 
one':* (a) the "thirsty,'* to those who 
are needy ■ (b) the poor and the rich ; 
those ''without money," and the supply 
1* abundant, even a* the water. Every 
one I* invited without limitation or 
distinction. The grentness of a man's 
spirit Is measured by tbe numbers of 
hi* desires and thirst*, by their qur.l- 
ltles and by his capacities or the In- 
tensity of his thirst. Those Invited 
were, to have' "wine," a luxury, and 
?railk." n- staple necessity, without 
money and without price> The cur- 
rency of 'tbe kingdom of Heaven I 
grace (v. 1). 

(I) .Who Will Coma? (v: 3). Only 
those who ore listening and who are 
attentive. Many fail of eternal life 
because they do not pay attention to 
the claim* of religion "Come unto 
me." (Mntt. ■ 11 :28). We go to Ood 
for novation and help, .and we And 
life. Ufe is more than Mere exist- 
en«. It I* ihe- natural, /banoontoas, 
Joyou* activity -of 'every:' P*rt' 6f\onr 
being.' Tie remit of coming 1*. -ypor 
aoul shall live," and tbe surety of It 
I*. "on everlasting covenant" Liter- 
ally, an agreement with promises 
which can never be broken, namely. 
"the" sure mercies of David." (See jl 
Sa.nL 12:E0MCor. 17:7-27; Ps. 88:1-1: 
also Luke 20:41, M). We are bought 
but w'e did not pay tbe price. The 
mercies of David are the antitype of 
our Savior; tbe mercy of grace.. True 
aatlxfactloa 1* in It* right order, (See 
vv. 2, 3). CbrUt la a faithful witness, 
tbe exalftd one, "(v. 5) to this cove- 

(» Whan to Com. (v. 6). While 
ha/may be" found." and. while he li- 
near. Implying a time when ha may 
nut be found and a tlme'when~ne wi[i 
not be near. All of Ood'*. promises are 

of Noah. Abraham. Jacob asvf 
laraai ta all its nari.taal history had 
04*f* i **;* — lO aa. and fled ha* given 
tha war-la* to **wh e««aa*«DUM* **> 

■ I that target bin* that txarj stasl 

llfciW *«** aasl. 'wUeb. as*, slwara 
h|i» Tbaaw Ms* -tt'iadM 
Aaapavts ■ « aasav <■( areai jj laa* task 

(4) Tha Way ta Com* (v. T). For- 
take open aln, tum from unrtgbteou*. 
thought turn to tbe Lord and 
bla "multiplied, pardon." Man I* every- 
where depicted in' tbe Scriptures as 
wandering away from the true God 
and there !•,' no salvation If we losiet 
on continuing In sin. 

ll.'Tha transfortnatlori (w. 8rl3). 
Ood's promise* have-hack of them all 
the power of the universe and" -fere an 
certain as the process of the seasons. 
In working out bis transformation In 
the character of man. we are to think 
his thoughts after him.' We see and 
know only very lltjle of ibis apirlt, 
bnt God^aees. know* and controls the 
universe-, which I* at bis ^command 
ft Cor. 10:13; PhlL 4:1&). We are to 
anlar into tu* avay*. and hta.ways are 
as the baavvn*. higher tb£n those- of 
the earth. Having, entered Into his 
"« « «m w brtag tu* frttlra (see 
*>nn IS). If the Divine seed <v. 11) 
I* lniasanted within ska then we may ex- 
pect M see! fbt> fruits of tba klngdbm 
of God, which are born of the scartt' 
(Gal 8.-2>2«). Thla traBsTbrmatlc* 
Involves service, for wa are to have a 
■nlsatoo, "gs out to all the earth," be- 
Ing led by the Messiah and thus re- 
ceive "Joy and peace." A* sure a* 
"the rain cometh down and the snow 
fXOBa heaven and returned not but 
Vatereth in-: earth," *o|a tha seed of 
tbe Word In tbe band* of the sower, 
become bread to .the eater. A* we 
forth we have hi* tst^sat**- (v. 11) that 
^t shall not return ,yo*d hut shall ac- 
compllah that Which 1 |i.iasi and if 
shall proaper In the thing whereta I 

A« ■ result the "thorns"' (evtl) 
*h*. be lUaptaced by -flg lm -,- 
(■5X--I), Ood** word hears fruit in lav 
psaa ted Uvea. {John 8.33; Jajnes 1 ;1S : 
I Feter 1 .23). Gad calla thl* wonL 
whJch-1* ■pokes of by tha prophet "My 
What tha prophet say*; '-«■*- 
■aya What an'ln.pired nun aay*. God 
■■smtre* him w s*r. .CotTa prusnlse 
Will ha con*umni*t«J In redeeming *o- 
eiaiy. as wait aa n dee m ing creso..o 
m. lill; a. 36-lft; **v«mWl aVtlU': 
Je* J11MC (aa, Ear 1.2) The iaa- 
f***«W abaat t tha oi:uuialna and hill* 
hrvaklag forth iauo siagii^; ls ib- 
rmttm tB-.ii.ij. ^\ 


tended Insurance Values. 

Are modern and contain DU-' 

ability BmnmfitM. Semi- Annual 
Quarterly qi Monthly /ncom« 
optiona and other up-to-date 
ffatorea. These contracts have 
been, approved by tbe'Insnr.- 
ance Departments «f nfne 
Statea and several actnaries^s 
being nil that can be given to 
the Insured to protocthis fam- 
ily or himself or both at the 
same rates. Each policy has 
Cash, Loan, Paid-up and Ex- 

pletes Your Life-Line'Tand should be in every home, and 
Your Hom* is the one for which vou are directly respon- 
sible, ACT NOW. .. 

THE 1125,000.00 CAPITAL 'in addition to the over 
$100,000 accumulated Reserve required by law stands be- 
hind every policy issued by the Company .. 

■ -Send us your name, age and occupation and we will 
mail full particulars iorsehd, a Standard representative to 
call upan you. ' 




HOME OFFICE. 200 Auburn Avenue 
' Atlanta. Georgia 



We also "guarantee that 
the teeth will not be con. 

tinually breaking elf. 



• e 


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For oyer eignty years, Palmer's "$iin Success" 
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. 'WAftfttNG I Our ^Trade-Mark '"^km Success" 
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Look for our name and addreas on every pack- 
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■ : ' : The Morgan Drug Company 

1512 A(l*Mic As*s*m avVeaaxsn, N. Ymk 

■ " ' ' ■ "■ "■"■" " " ' ' 



Try He Argu,s 

Bmtl, Bomeni ' ' * 


lee and Wood, (ioal By the Basket or. Ton. 

Aah Hauling and Express ■ . A 



*J7I5 Franklin Ave. I 


GjoJ Houses flats and-R^ms to Rent W Colored' Peopl 





Acournc com*- any. isoo 

.1214M.tate Art., Iiuliaiiapilis,lBl, II.SJ. 


Fin fsakhc u haraby waj-u* a^aiajtt 
aad- 1* *dv anil that ih* 
Pahliahiaf Oonpaay'k** tfc*,Cs 
flgkt t* ssdthah ta* Oataial 
far ' aald hw» - A*d la Mat; 
|"statraM«t (rata tae aaantuy af the 
Vara sad Jfaasui C**aau:tt«.. waa let 


. farsaa,' or psr- J To 

.It. Hay Con*.™: 

.■atMdtiaii' savani* j n* a a .sartuy Oaa t.» Arr*i 

r aas w a an lla a Uaaualias a* sua- ■ i'-t.-altt*( (Joaapaaj has' tba exalaaav* 

■ Bf ih* OaVsial Pr**rra** at Lax rt(*i t* paaM t*. aateiaJ prapmti-tr 

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Caiter's little Liver Pills 

!—: <> ■■* •• ..a^lV A R«"«ly That 

Cooatipated ^K^J Makes Life 

aod Happy J ^^^^l c Wcnh Living 

aa^LHo*' aAa*"^^ 11^551 j* ' - - ^ 

agg m^ ^ J J' I I jVT'f r*^-** 

Agg**t-aj&fe OrWm IRON PILLS 

— — saass ***" s ~ *■*?■•** *-*»—< hu-*k^ »^. 


FRY'S Busy Cut Rate Drag Stan 

Service, Our Motto V^e Deliver the Goods 

■ ; "ffi-ilavi' , l'ntt'ii : 'r'i'i' 

Motion Pictures of E. St. Louis Riot, At Booker Washington Theatre This Saturday, July 2'8 



..Bom Bay Girls.. 

17 People. Own Band and Orchestra 

Band Concert In Front Of Theatre 
Every Evening 

Doors Open 5 p. m. First Show 5:30 p. m, 


CHILDREN ....; ... * 10c 

ADULTS ..^., ..—...; J -_ iSe 

RESERVED. SECTION ..: .J....„-..20e 

BOX SECTION — -. -;- 25c 






Sunday, July 29. .Admission 5 Cents 

The Mightiest Picture of World 
Conflict That the Brain of Man 
Has Yet Conceived and Realized 


Thomas Dixon's Thrilling Film Spectacle of 

America's Future, with a Central Love 

- Theme of EnflnMalnfl Power 



Thie la the Brat te4ginnl mm e»wr <nHM by «.• amtnant 
NiMiHrU Moensssanw « «»t ptataN. i, w,H b* performed IN 
ITS MACJUFICEMT tMTIR'TY during th. pre..ntat.or.a her- 


Mysterious Criminal; Will Thrill Booker 
Washington Tmtli doers Every 
Monday. Night Beginnlus Hart Week. 
Photoplay Taken from Saturday 
Evening Fait Serial Story Loot. ' 

Uharlea Turpin, proprietor of the 
Booker Washington Theatre fit* aWnO- 
lisber] :i reputation as a photO|l:i}~ 
critic, which wU indorsed by the great 
throng that crowded the theatre for 
hours last Monday Bight' to see the 
final of -'The Voice On The Wite." 

Commencing next Monday, Mi. Tut- 



2353 t 2126 



■ AIM) O ME — BOND Alt; 
That Uiion'i Great Sequel to the 
' "Hinh of a Nation." also 


A ■ jibat<i|>lMT of a Smith .American 

Ifcput.lic Ifc'vulution. .Special 

Hcyslone t'omedica. , 


Monday. July 30. 


Ttaetlng n untiling. 16 the nlil and 

-gjeal lesson lit voung Every 

- child should. see it. A.IAT 

TriBnglc t'oiucdicii ahd 



Another Triangle master drama. ' y. 

Woman'* Awakening." Also 

Triangte Cswediea. 

■'THE UTT'.E OX-MA*.' 


' Th*" Violet Diamond" ot Epix 

No. 1 of PlUlWklti'l el.-.;-.' 



•u LoBCeome Luk.'i Itt tot Comi&j 

Bad othera, ' 



boardfat the linker Wa 
;rc this week. / 
irlor. in the rlti/acter o 
I the "how wijA, a pan 

An I'lreUcm bill^ilh unusual vatie- 
iv i, on the boa 
iagton Theatre 

Herman Tn 
tramp, opens the "how wijA, a parody 
™ "Vuku Uul> Hickey Dolt" Ho 
f.illdws with a huiiiiTOoi st"»ry of an ar- 
real and 111 da* ■ with a parody on "What 
Ii'i. You Want. To .Malie Those Eyes At 
Me For," with donee: appearing 
Uroteaque female cdetume. ' The act 
goat, wall. 

Princes* MyatetUr,* wonderful lelep 
nthic. srtbit, m playing ' i return en 
.- igement in -her. art of mind reading 
Shi is. assisted he- thnprinee, who min. 
girt with the audience and touches ar 
tides belonging to the patrons, whieh 
•he aeeurateW.dewribea. T 
.ilso answers questions secrftly ashed 
Iter hssistant. Their rapid ftre cooveraa 
lion mot .only astounds the trig audi 
■ ■■■■.'-. but the answer* mm to satiafy 
ike ■; ■■ >l ■■: v ■ aDd the patron* are coo 
tineed that the hidden power. It be- 
yond doubt.- Special teenery/ is bead 
ijjd the set is creating «> sensation 

''The Cay lihoet.". One would tutu- 
rally -hiidder nt the very name, but 
thin doc* net bcr;in to reveal the (tart- 
nlininvfii that, ore in llo're for the 
picture fans. 

This-plny i« taken from the famW 
Saturday Evening Post aerial- *l'*e.V| 
'Loot" It is fdll of' enthralling eitua- 
inns, gripping scene*, marvelous action 
if extraordinary swiftness, and pur. hes 
galore. It.< startling scenes and in- 
sly dramatic incidents lead up l« a 
meiidous rlim.ii. that holds- the au- 
dience spellbound, v ," 

sforr revolves nround n n-ries 
of robberies and murders. Itfhns a -<>ut- 
itirring lojreth.cne. A beautiful sc- 
ress is in/the power of the arch i-rim- 
hal. thfOray ■ChoSit. Hh is. madly in 

fart ling, [lower 
follows in hair raiSipg succession, until 
the mystery of the Oray lihoat it 
rleared. A big cast of brilliant atars 
were ckosea to present this swiftest, 
mnnl gripping and yet moat internet 
ing photoplay that has even been pn>- 

' The first episode' will be shown at the 
Bfloker Washington net! Monday July 
3(1. The theatre will open M B- o'eloei 
nnd'the flrst show starts at *:3fl. Cone 
early and atfoid thebig crowd that will 
comf. later. 

1BI. inc^xiray »>nowi, nr if. 
,T« with her hnd thorigh she 
im. sh? is rojstantly in hit i 
Seen.- upon jjene of startlh 

'The PI ember 

rural song and "CreaMte" an Italian 

alt* both 
givan. aha eloMs'wi'th "What Make. 
Ton Hold It 0a Loot," a lo*« plea. 

Zetlie Ford a»4 Etkn Reed. aV a 
comedy .sketch "The Coal Heaver," 
kase a moral leasaa-oa th« oaappreeia- 
tiea wif* mad the hard working hm- 

Tt'i thai same old story that works 
out to the satisfaction _»f tb. wroagad 
oaa \a the end. It affoerln mneh room 
for earned? aad Mr. Ford aufcea tha 
beat of this. They aaadwich la a eoaple 
of good soap aad eloae* with a 

(Mauaaae Shewabijlc" praaaa that 
laaea s 'the bauao'.la a apasa af ap 




Drake -Walker '» Bom" Bay (lirla'aro 
coming tit the -Booker JStashingto 
Theatre nent Monday. July 3" (it I 
two weelta." engagement. . This in the 
largest : aad "moat- eipensive attrai 
ever booked at ■>,• Turpin's 'popular 
bauae. The company eoneuts oi 
play-ers and carriea it* own b:iad L and 
orchestra. ' The following special ad- 
mission prices have beea'decldf d oi 
this engagement only. Childreal 
cents, adults 13 cents, reserved section 
-«0 cent*, btix r Mction, 85. - - 

.4 baiid concert will be given in front 
of the theatre each evening. A new 
Monday .schedule has been effective nt 
the theatre for several -weeks.'' The 
hOB*. opens at S p. m. and tha first 
show *taRh at 3:34. Foot in.-temd of 
the asus I three stows am given., - 

Nejat Maatday will see tha flrst 
aplasias erf the thrilling aerial jhaaa ' 
play "The Gray Ghost "and the nfth-iB- 
stalWat cf OOeiai War Fictnraa will 
be ran on Wednesday. 


.Tames Senile manager of French 
I.iek Club, French Lick Spring*, In'd. 
iiu.l formerly oi Bus*ellville Ey., was in 
Ht. Louis laM week, the guest of hia 
sister Mrs. Mattie Templl[ 2811 Sheri- 
dan Ave', Mr. Beall made many friend* 
while here, and met many old ones from 
hi* former home who regretted hi 
short stay nod hope he will return ngai 
soon. He is a young lhaa with a pros- 
perous future, lie left for Chicago 
where he will visit before returning to 
assume his' duties. 


1 tmmtt: dale," 


'The! Neglected Wife" 




ot While New Yolk Sleep* 

A powerful photo-drama of today 

a reel*. 

Admission — This day only; 10 cents. 

dream ha* f MM a ear. ante far rmssa- 

<haawi aaaralgia, bad eoJd, headaaha, 


Motion pi.-turei of tfa«.Eaat-9t. I.™,i 
Rao* Riot will be shown at the Booker 
Wa s hi n g t o n* taia taatarday eya- 

aiag, Ang. £■- , Ther." will- be as »d- 

Th. Baahar Waahiagtan ha* a Ball 



"Traffic in Souls." a powerful, dra 
matie, full-blooded sermon, in. which 
human emotions and sdveutures blend 
stirringly will be shown at the- Cpmet 
Odeon, Suitday, August S. 

The scene of Jhe play, is in New 
York City, while the gr^at matfopo.lU 
sleeps. Its six' reel* are baaed on act- 
ual reports. of the Rockefeller ineoetj- 
gating committea and District Attor- 
ney Whitman's Report for. tie *up- 
pression of White Slavery. 

There ate TOOaeenes and 000 people 
in the big' photo drama. The admls-. 
sjon to the Comet for thU product 
only, will .be 10 cent*. 

rtPTEt aMMM!H aaTam*l >3l 


OPEN 10;00 A. M. AND CLOSE II: P. M. 

The Best Ventilated. Clenne.t, Coolest Anil 
Moat Comfortable Theatre. Any day you 
' Will enjoy a two hour! entertainment view- 
ing the choice*! of photo Flay* end retting 
At the Beat Summer Retort In the City..' . 

Refined Surroundings and Good Order 

.. JW>.J--f 

CABANY 13+8 

Mme. Lindsay 1-v 

Colored Truce SpiriUalut 

She can tell you what you would 

Fna T»B.m. M 

6152 Mimerv. Ave.. 

I-a.^s-FTi.... aal St. Cassis. C.r. 

Call Lindell 1038 Pelaar 45434. V 
... For Limousines or Touring Cars ... 

SAM SHKPARD, Proprietor . WILLIS LEWIS. Manager 

. Reasonable Rates. The Beat Service in the City' • 

E. CUytom nt. the |Uaao and August 
Turner, violin, are fniniahin* excellent 

mnaic dally at the Comwt. 

Denthy Phillip. wiU be seen at the 
Booker "Wnahington" Theater, tha week 
of Augnat 13 in an extraordinary Blue- 
Mr. I pbotoplny, "Hell Morgan 'a Oui. " 
It U a danee hall atory of Saa^Frna- 
Cisco '«" famona Barbary Coast- district, 
with m.rrelous ipeidehta from' tha 
Great San Francisco Ftre. ' Mia*. Phil- 
lips is wonderf ml i? the title role-Ton 
hate her, you. love her, you denbt her, 
•ou~\nn-demn her, yon pity her. The 
prodoetioa la a triumph .in scenic real' 
ikn'aad will be a big. winner at tha 
Booker WashimgtojS- 

Dont wnrry, bat save tims 1 sJid 
••-. Nigh i and Day. "Expr«a* aad 
img atfryiee. If mare aoaveaieat : 
at night. Tall yomr eatployee 
ffie.ds. Trnak* thaekas) te tha 

Shirts, biaakets. cartaiaa,' eta.. 
soaabl*. Limdafl 4004, Ds* J- 
Bssssse Paaja, owmaw. f*' 

Henry Br&un. 

5,000 Agents Wanted. 

to *eU the greatest 'national- war song 


hit .'of the age, entitled. 
ThU U the one great song — tha ex- 
pression of a great international erlsia. 
Wherever it has been heard, .it has made 
a decided bit with nil eUpee* of peo- 
ple mad in. soma of the leading churcho* 
of Chicago, after an announcement and 
simply the reading of the words of the 
song, persons have rushed in groups to 
buy it faster than they cjuld be hand- 
ed out. At present a few thousand* of 
the. song will be sold for 10e" a copy. A 
liberal iliscouui. givea to persoas wish- 
ing to be agents. Persons wishing to 
be agent* send tl.Ou.sud we will sand 
you a number of copies of tha song 
that you begin selling at once. Persona 
wishing a single copy, will aend 13c. 
Write st once," that you may be the Ant 
in tha'iahi. Thin U uae soag that you 
can aaake money on by selling it to peo- 
ple of your coraaiunity . It should be in 
every home. Tha aaan) is written.' about 
an ideal Amerienn mother — tb* great 
est character portrayed in Amerieai 
literatofe. £foad all money by money 
order or registered letter- to 

60>. - 

m- YOUR HAND -m 



Mrs. A. Crowley 


ClairTOjact . HodiUB aad Paimist Tha 
fmtan earn be foretold-. How much bet ' 
las- it is to look in the folnn and M 


A visit to Dr. Riley's offise will an- 
swer the question. He **U* eyegiaue* 
and spectacle* on. ■ time payment* and 
let you "wear the glasses while yon us 
paying for them, so yon Will know 
the glasses are going to give you sat 
infection before you pay for them. 
He teats your eyas with the' latest 
prepared to 
machinery •-.;■ 

motors, which enables him to grind 
leusis while you wait. 

He .ha* tha only optUal mantifactory 
owned and ran by a Negro in the state 
of Missouri. 

Located at OSS N'. Jefferson Ave., S. ' 
W. Corner Jefferson Ave. .and Waah 
Streets, " . 

no :4m juui ci« mm tni 
modem 'instruments, and is prat. 
give yon prompt service, inaclsn 
stalled In his office U ma by 

Dos t stand om the earner mad a*, ^d 
yoai frisads go by. OM In the gaaaal 
Join the UnUarm Bsuah. Amy nasi may - 
is whet ysm snmhm U. Pythiaa Co. A. ' 

The Booker vTaahia'poi' Theater has 
a Ball phone, Bomtoat iW!, i .stalled 
t« tha of it* | 

PROF. W. L IslJJinilE 


hruar* senautMs) '-egether. 

and aapfMeea m the 

Subscribe for the 
St. Louis Argus 

spirit nEDwn 

Y«rio« sesritlealTW^taaWndsr. 


*e^,,sj.r Iff* mis *raaV> at 
s n M...n..essn . aaM 

asfaaaease saw—a , a-lewn It ear ef 
swy chess* ssianaV. as a*w m ,Ut. sawsssa; A 
eja s r sw r .. . . rwjBh e ss^^ a, aVHSaTjaeV 
esa^s. awes. i.M jraaattes, shew ran ka.